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Nov 18, 2017 To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay,

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bu essay samples A major change that has occurred in the Western family is an To What a Victim in Of and Men, increased incidence in when you are divorce. Whereas in the past, divorce was a relatively rare occurrence, in recent times it has become quite commonplace. Extent Curley's A Victim In Of. This change is borne out clearly in census figures. For example thirty years ago in Australia, only one marriage in ten ended in divorce; nowadays the figure is more than one in the english war start three (Australian Bureau of Wife and Men Statistics, 1996: p.45). A consequence of this change has been a substantial increase in resources the number of single parent families and the attendant problems that this brings (Kilmartin, 1997) . An important issue for sociologists, and indeed for all of society, is To What Extent Wife a Victim in Of and Men why these changes in marital patterns have occurred. John Concerning. In this essay I will seek to critically examine a number of sociological explanations for the #039;divorce phenomenon#039; and To What Curley's a Victim in Of Essay also consider the social policy implications that each explanation carries with it. It will be argued that the best explanations are to be found within a broad socio-economic framework. How Did Civil War Start. One type of explanation for Curley's Wife a Victim in Of and Men, rising divorce has focused on how did civil, changes in laws relating to marriage. To What Curley's Wife A Victim In Of Mice And Men. For example, Bilton, Bonnett and natural of nigeria Jones (1987) argue that increased rates of divorce do not necessarily indicate that families are now more unstable. To What Wife A Victim In Of Mice And Men Essay. It is of aztec empire possible, they claim, that there has always been a degree of marital instability. They suggest that changes in the law have been significant, because they have provided unhappily married couples with #039;access to a legal solution to in Of and Men Essay, pre-existent marital problems#039; (p.301) . Refugee Essay. Bilton et al. therefore believe that changes in divorce rates can be best explained in terms of changes in the legal system.

The problem with this type of explanation however, is that it does not consider why these laws have changed in the first place. To What Extent Mice Essay. It could be argued that reforms to family law, as well as the how did the english civil, increased rate of divorce that has accompanied them, are the product of more fundamental changes in society. Another type of explanation is one that focuses precisely on To What Extent Curley's, these broad societal changes. For example, Nicky Hart (cited in Haralambos, 1995) argues that increases in divorce and natural resources of nigeria marital breakdown are the a Victim Mice, result of economic changes that have affected the family. One example of these changes is the natural of nigeria, raised material aspirations of families, which Hart suggests has put pressure on both spouses to become wage earners. Women as a result have been forced to become both homemakers and economic providers. Curley's And Men Essay. According to Hart, the contradiction of these two roles has lead to conflict and this is the main cause of refugee essay marital breakdown.

It would appear that Hart#039;s explanation cannot account for all cases of divorce - for example, marital breakdown is liable to To What Curley's Mice Essay, occur in fall empire families where only the Extent Curley's Wife in Of Mice Essay, husband is how did the english war start working. Nevertheless, her approach, which is to relate changes in family relations to broader social forces, would seem to To What Extent Curley's a Victim and Men, be more probing than one that looks only at refugee essay, legislative change. The two explanations described above have very different implications for social policy, especially in relation to Wife a Victim in Of and Men Essay, how the problem of increasing marital instability might be dealt with. Bilton et al. (1995) offer a legal explanation and hence would see the solutions also being determined in this domain. Natural Resources. If rises in Curley's in Of Essay divorce are thought to civil, be the consequence of Curley's Wife a Victim Mice and Men Essay liberal divorce laws, the how did the english, obvious way to Extent Curley's Wife in Of Mice, stem this rise is to make them less obtainable. This approach, one imagines, would lead to a reduction in divorce statistics; however, it cannot really be held up as a genuine solution to an essay concerning understanding, the problems of marital stress and breakdown in society. Indeed it would seem to be a solution directed more at Extent Curley's Wife in Of Mice and Men Essay, symptoms than addressing fundamental causes. Furthermore, the experience of social workers, working in traditional vs online classes the area of Wife Essay family welfare suggests that restricting a couple#039;s access to divorce would in World some cases serve only to exacerbate existing marital problems (Johnson, 1981). In those cases where violence is involved, the consequences could be tragic. Apart from all this, returning to more restrictive divorce laws seems to Curley's Wife in Of Mice and Men, be a solution little favoured by refugee essay Australians. To What Curley's Wife A Victim And Men. (Harrison, 1990). Hart (cited in you are Haralambos, 1995), writing from a Marxist-feminist position, traces marital conflict to changes in Curley's a Victim in Of Mice and Men the capitalist economic system and fall of aztec empire their resultant effect on the roles of a Victim Mice Essay men and women.

It is resources difficult to know however, how such an analysis might be translated into practical social policies. This is because the Hart program would appear to Curley's Wife a Victim Mice Essay, require in the first place a radical restructuring of the fall empire, economic system. Whilst this may be desirable for some, it is not achievable in Wife Mice Essay the present political climate. Hart is right however, to suggest that much marital conflict can be linked in some way to the economic circumstances of families. This is borne out in resources of nigeria many statistical surveys which show consistently that rates of divorce are higher among socially disadvantaged families (McDonald, 1993). To What Extent Wife A Victim And Men. This situation suggests then that social policies need to an essay, be geared to Extent Curley's Wife, providing support and security for these types of families. John An Essay Concerning Understanding. It is little cause for To What Curley's Mice Essay, optimism however, that in refugee essay recent years governments of all persuasions have shown an increasing reluctance to To What in Of Mice and Men, fund social welfare programs of this kind. It is difficult to offer a comprehensive explanation for the growing trend of marital breakdown; and refugee essay it is even more difficult to Curley's a Victim in Of, find solutions that might ameliorate the problems created by it. Clearly though, as I have argued in this essay, the refugee essay, most useful answers are to To What Curley's Essay, be found not within a narrow legal framework, but within a broader socio-economic one.

Finally, it is worth pointing out Transcendentalism World, that, whilst we may appear to be living in a time of increased family instability, research suggests that historically, instability may have been the norm rather than the exception. As Bell and Zajdow (1997) point out, in the past, single parent and step families were more common than is assumed - although the Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay, disruptive influence then was not divorce, but the goals, premature death of one or both parents. To What Extent Curley's A Victim Mice And Men Essay. This situation suggests that in studying the modern family, one needs to goals, employ a historical perspective, including the possibility of looking to the past in Mice and Men searching for ways of dealing with problems in about goals the present. To What Curley's Wife A Victim In Of. Australian Bureau of Statistics (1996). Divorces, Australia . In Today´s Essay. Canberra: Australian Government Printing Service. Bell, R. and G. Zajdow (1997) Family and household. Essay. In R. Jureidini, S. Vs Online. Kenny and M. Poole (eds). Sociology: Australian Connections . St Leonards. To What In Of And Men. NSW: Allen and old poem Unwin. Bilton, T., K. Wife A Victim Mice And Men. Bonnett and P. Jones (1987). Of Nigeria. Introductory Sociology , 2nd edition.

London: MacMillan. Haralambos, M. (1995). Sociology: Themes and Perspectives , 3rd edition. London: Bell and Hyman. Harrison, M. (1995). Grounds for To What a Victim in Of and Men, divorce. John An Essay Human Understanding. Family Matters . No 42 pp 34-35.

Johnson, V. To What Curley's Wife A Victim In Of Essay. (1981). You Are. The Last Resort: A Women#039;s Refuge . To What Extent Curley's And Men. Ringwood: Penguin. John Locke An Essay Concerning Human. Kilmartin, C. Wife A Victim Mice Essay. (1997). Children divorce and one-parent families. Family Matters . No.

48. ( Available On-line ) McDonald, P. Civil. (1993). Family Trends and Structure in Extent Wife a Victim in Of and Men Australia . Australian Family Briefings No 3. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies. Problems? Questions? Comments?

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Nov 18, 2017 To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay,

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In Praise Of The F Word By Mary Sherry In Praise Of The F Word Essays and Research Papers. According to, In Praise of the F Word , by Mary Sherry tens of thousands will graduate . high school with meaningless diplomas. Those with meaningless diplomas are the ones who's been passing along even though they don't truly understand the materials taught to them. Sherry argues that our educational system is to blame for cheating those students out of Curley's a Victim in Of Mice Essay, a proper education; however, an easy remedy is for teachers to use the trump card of failure. Sherry claims that before students can concentrate, the. College , Education , High school 1072 Words | 3 Pages. ?Scott Kernan The F - Word : A Rhetorical Analysis In the book excerpt by Firoozeh Dumas, The . F - Word , Dumas uses several techniques to hook her readers and keep their interest in her piece. It was her style, however, that did most of the work.

Dumas' article has a very strong single argument that she works toward throughout her entire piece. How Did War Start. She claims that the English language could do with a bit more spice, as she calls it (Dumas). Though this argument is only listed only To What Wife a Victim twice in the. Audience , Conversation , English language 1142 Words | 3 Pages. Summary-Response in Praise of the fall of aztec empire, F Word. Strunk Writing 115 Chris Risley Summary-Response In Praise of the F Word In her essay In . Praise of the F word by Extent Wife a Victim Mice and Men Essay Mary Sherry , she talks about how she teaches high school graduates that have been cheated by the education system; that they are handed meaningless diplomas. 2.) Students were just passed along to the next grade whether they understood the material or not. Refugee Essay. 3.) And the students soon discover that themselves later on. 4.) Sherry describes how her attention-getter to her students. Education , Failure , Learning 458 Words | 2 Pages. ?In praise of the F word Education is the most important thing in every persons life. Curley's A Victim And Men. Its more like your sword . for your future.

Every individual who has a proper education and absolutely educated cannot be underestimate by other people because they have the dignity and power, and john some people will think that they are very well respected person like the politicians. My essay is all about education specifically about the automatic passing systems in high school and its effects to Extent Curley's a Victim and Men their future employers. Academic degree , College , Education 592 Words | 2 Pages. Writing Project 2 In The F Word written by Firoozeh Dumas an excerpt from her autobiography titled Funny in Farsi, she . talks about her struggles living in America from having a very different name, to how did the english war start not understanding English very well. Dumas uses examples from her childhood and all throughout her life to explain why she feels Americans are ignorant to new and different things. The author would like her audience to a Victim Mice be aware of other cultures, and their names and lifestyles. Of Aztec. She feels Americans. Comedy , Culture , Discrimination 949 Words | 3 Pages. ? In Praise of the in Of Mice and Men Essay, F Word In Mary Sherrys essay, In Praise of the F . Essays About Goals. Word , the author encourages all parents and teachers to To What Extent in Of Mice and Men use failure as a form of encouragement. Sherry would like for them to locke an essay understanding use it as a way to motivate students to do better and want more when it comes to their education. What Sherry believes in is that the threat of flunking is a positive teaching tool (566).

Mary Sherry uses a variety of examples to support her claim. The authors main source of evidence used to support. Education , Experience , Grade 635 Words | 3 Pages. First Time Failing a Grade In the article In Praise of the F Word , Mary . Sherry teaches basic grammar and writing in Extent Curley's Wife Mice, a night class for vs online high-school graduates and high-school dropouts, who are intent on pursuing graduate equivalent certificates for skills that should have been learned while in To What Extent Curley's a Victim Mice Essay, high school. She also speaks about john locke, how many of her students were involved in activities that they felt should have been stopped by someone and not themselves. Why has it become so easy for students. Education , Failure , Grade 552 Words | 2 Pages. calling each other a fuckboy which come from the word fuck.

From the Dutch word for To What Wife in Of and Men Essay mocking, to traditional classes vs online scratching an itch, to sex and . screwing up. In the 21th century, the word fuck can be used for a lot of different reasons, like fuckboy, it is To What Curley's Wife in Of Mice Essay a new hip word to express yourself when you are upset and its so catchy that is going to be use a lot in when old poem, the future. Even though people love to To What Curley's a Victim Mice and Men Essay say the word fuck and say it on a daily basis, many dont know where the word comes from. There have been many theories. Dictionary , Euphemism , Fuck 765 Words | 3 Pages. student having trouble at home. They should be given help as well. The student with trouble at how did, home should be given extra attention and Wife time in class if . needed.

In the goals, story In Praise of the F Word Mary Sherry gives evidence that being hard on a student makes them succeed due to Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay the fear of failure. Mary Sherry gave the evidence of adult students she had taught and of her son. The adult students felt that they had been cheated in the educational system because they had been passed without. Classroom , Education , High school 630 Words | 2 Pages. Kelly Bazile English 102-04 Schexnayder April 24, 2011 How Effective is The F Word ? When having a baby one of . the most difficult parts of the process is deciding on a name for the little one. Fall Of Aztec. Parents want to To What Curley's Wife a Victim and Men Essay be careful in traditional classes vs online classes, choosing, no one wants there child picked on or treated unfairly because of Extent a Victim in Of Mice, a name they have chosen. In the article The F Word the author, Firoozeh Dumas expresses her thoughts and feelings about coming from Abadan, Iran to empire America with her native name. African American , Country music , Native Americans in the United States 631 Words | 2 Pages. stand. The Sword of The Spirit . and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God: What is Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay The Sword of The Spirit? . The word of God! The rhema; or spoken word of traditional classes vs online, God.

What is the word of God? Psalms 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Gods word - The Holy Bible illuminates. It reveals to us the good and the bad, the wise and the unwise. The word of God is the Extent Curley's Wife a Victim, ultimate tool in learning how to live a righteous life. A life free from refugee essay wickedness.

Bible , Christianity , God 1038 Words | 6 Pages. Monday! Food For Thought . From a Detroit perspective, No matter what the weather feel like today, its just good to be alive. Extent Wife A Victim. #grateful --- Happy . Vs Online. Tuesday! Scripture For Today . It is To What Extent Curley's in Of Essay a good thing to give thanks unto the classes, LORD, and to sing praises unto Your name, O Most High. To What Wife. Psalm 92:1 (KJV) --- Happy Sunday Food For Thought It is difficult for God to when do certain things when you have the wrong people in your life/circle. --- Happy Monday! Food For Thought so youre wondering why Lord. Human , Monday , Sunday 1961 Words | 7 Pages. these can lead to depression and is the main reason why the divorce rate is To What Extent Wife Essay so high, failed expections.

As far as our elder years, we . are at the most peaceful time in our lives just to essays but cut down by sterotypical words such as slow, smelly, crazy, mean and old. Another leading cause of depression . Boy , Childbirth , Childhood 404 Words | 2 Pages. used. 2. Do you agree that what a word means today is what it meant in the past? Please explain what etymology???can help with todays . meaning of To What Extent a Victim Mice Essay, a word . I dont agree because language would change gradually as the time went by. How Did Civil War Start. It would cause semantic and meaning change.The study of To What Extent Curley's Wife in Of, etymologies may throw light on how a present-day meaning developed or reveal something about the working of the human mind, but it doesnt help in determining what a word means today. The English. 3. What is To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim Mice and Men language.

Compound , English language , Etymology 785 Words | 4 Pages. Praise of the Scribes Profession Written by about Cynthia Washington, Student And U.S., Africa and World History 201, Section 1 Tuesdays and . To What Mice Essay. Thursdays 9:25-10:40 September 6, 2012 From what the reader know, and what historians know Egypt is one of the greatest civilizations to ever emerge in this world. A society ruled by divine kingship, and belief in polytheism. It was not because of what the Egyptians did but more so of what was left behind for other readers and old poem educators to To What Extent Wife a Victim Mice and Men Essay see. Considering. Ancient Egypt , Ancient history , Egypt 973 Words | 3 Pages.

of 3 35. Should the college consider doing this? Definitely yes. Chapter 11 2. The following probabilities for grades in management science have been . determined based on john locke past records: Grade Probability A 0.15 B 0..25 C 0..38 D 0..12 F 0.10 1.00 The grades are assigned on a 4.0 scale, where an A is a 4.0, a B a 3.0, and so on. Determine the expected grade and variance for the course. 4*0.15+3*0.25+2*0.38+1*0.12+0=0.6+0.75+.76+0.12=2.23 3. An investment firm is To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim Mice Essay considering.

Costs , Expected value , Hot dog 973 Words | 4 Pages. Charles clandestinely agreed to join the essays goals, French to oppose Holland and also to To What a Victim in Of Mice bring Roman Catholicism back to England. Classes. The next king after Charles, James II, . was a Catholic. Then with the Glorious Revolution of 1688 came the To What Extent Curley's Wife Mice Essay, banishment by William and Mary of all clergy who refused to transfer allegiance away from James II. Whiggish political thought denounced divine right of kings and complacent obedience, and much of the Anglican clergy easily accepted allegiance to the new monarchs. Concerning. The clergy gravitated. 18th century , Charles I of England , Charles II of England 1058 Words | 3 Pages. is to educate those interested in joining the To What Curley's Wife a Victim Mice and Men, praise team on what the purpose and requirements of how did, a praise team are, what the job . of all members of the praise team is and what is expected of all members.

This is required reading for all who are interested in joining the praise team. To What Extent Wife And Men. These requirements aren't in place for essays about the purpose of making it hard to join the praise team. They are in place for the sole purpose of insuring any member of the praise team is there because God has called them to. Chosen people , Christian worship , Conceptions of God 2191 Words | 7 Pages. Praise Song for the Day - Interpretation. Praise Song For The Day November 26, 2012 This poem, Praise Song for the Day by Elizabeth Alexander, is one of the most . memorable poems that have been recited within the last 20 years. Immediately after President Obama was sworn into office, Elizabeth Alexander recited her poem to the masses that had gathered on that cold winter day in January. The piece is full of symbolism, with the tone being hopeful, inspiring and thankful. The poem begins with a description of daily life which is To What Curley's Wife in Of filled. Indentured servant , Love , Road 996 Words | 4 Pages. Shu Zhu 9/6/12 RHET 0321 SEC#3 Mrs.Strong How I Start Saving It started from zero to thousands of when, dollars, what is it?

Money. It was my . senior year of high school, people started talking about where they are going to do after high school, some of them decided to go to college to continue study, others decided to get a job, few of them don't know where they going . I chose to go to and Men Essay college. John Locke An Essay Concerning. The moment i decided to go to college , the problem comes, I realized that I don't really. 1000 , 2008 singles , College 503 Words | 2 Pages. Summary on The F - Word It is not uncommon to sometimes hear or see what here in America is considered to be a strange or . To What Curley's A Victim In Of And Men Essay. different name and decide to make fun of it or the holder of that name.

This is a major obstacle that an traditional classes, Iranian immigrant named Firoozeh Dumas, author of The F - Word had to face. She illustrates a picture using words about the To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay, hardships that her name has brought upon her during her entire life. Throughout the when old poem, story, she uses humor to describe what would have been a rather. Comedy , Given name , Humor 610 Words | 2 Pages. Khutbat al-Jumu`ah January 16, 1998 by Shaykh Salah el-Din Mahmoud an-Nassar Alhamdulillah was-salaat was-salaam `ala Rasulillahi. To What Extent In Of Mice And Men. . Praise be to Allah, who promised his faithful slaves victory and support by saying, And it was a duty incumbent upon Us to aid those who believed. I bear witness that there is none to worshipped save Allah, One, with no partners. He sent His Messenger Muhammad (s) with guidance and the religion of Truth to when you are cause it to prevail over To What Wife a Victim and Men Essay all religions even though.

Ali , Battle of Uhud , Islam 820 Words | 3 Pages. Genre: summary/response ENG 101 In a praise of Fast Food is an article written by Rachel Laudan from the book The Gastronomica Reader. . Goals. Laudan grew up on To What Curley's a Victim Mice and Men Essay an English farm she studied math, physics, chemistry then a degree in geology. She published several books and lots of articles. At the University of Hawaii, she found the way to old poem bring her passion for gastronomy. She discovered the most amazing food culture she had encounter. A Victim In Of Mice Essay. All her ideas were pulled up together in 1996 in a book call. 20th century , Cinema of classes, Mexico , Cooking 816 Words | 3 Pages. harsh sounding word . It has even become taboo in most places. Its usage is Extent Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay almost endless because it can be used as almost any part of speech, . such as: as a verb, adverb, command, conjunction, exclamation, noun, or pronoun.

Because of this a sentence completely made up of forms of the word fuck, can potentially be correct. John Locke An Essay Human. For example, the sentence, Fucking motherfuckers fucking the fucking fuckers, is grammatically correct. Curley's Wife A Victim Mice And Men. Out of many words that begin with the letter F only the word fuck is referred. Cunt , Euphemism , Fuck 835 Words | 3 Pages. My Personal Philosophy of Music in Christian Praise and Worship Praise and Worship is all about connecting with God. (William . Locke An Essay Human. Temple.1881) Worship is the submission of all our nature to God. It is the quickening of conscience by his holiness; the To What Extent Curley's a Victim and Men, nourishment of mind with his truth, the purifying of imagination by his beauty, the opening of the john an essay concerning human understanding, heart to his love, the surrender of his will to his purpose and all of this gathered up in adoration, the most selfless emotion of which our nature is capable. Bible , Christian terms , Christianity 1670 Words | 4 Pages.

In Praise of Illiteracy By Hans Magnus Enzensberger This essay was adapted from a talk given by the author and translated from German, . which I took from Harpers Magazine. Can we dispense with the written word ? That is the question. Anyone who poses it will have to Curley's in Of and Men speak about illiteracy. Theres just one problem: the illiterate is about never around when he is the subject of conversation. He simply doesnt show up; he takes no notice of our assertions; he remains silent. I would therefore like to. Functional illiteracy , Knowledge , Literacy 1882 Words | 5 Pages. Creating Word processing Document Typing text Task 1 Microsoft word is a word processing application. Make a . To What Wife In Of Mice And Men. list of three tasks that could be completed using a word processor: a. Modify/create texts digitally; b. File reports such as resumes and c. Publish blogs/reviews and upload or send the the english civil war start, document digitally to other users. Task 2 b. Use the keyboard to type passage 1a (below). * You will only need the To What Extent Essay, letter keys and the space bar to old poem create a space between words . *.

Computer keys , Control key , Cut, copy, and paste 991 Words | 4 Pages. English 101 The Other F Word In the film The other F Word it shows each journey of . punk rockers and how they transform into To What Extent, fathers. Each rocker had their own stories and how they experienced their life journeys with their parents. These punk rockers had to go through many different changes to devote their life to their children. One of the men that were interviewed stated, It caused us to you are think back on our own childhood and our relationships with our parents. To What Curley's And Men. Jim Lindberg. Childhood , Father , Mod 697 Words | 2 Pages. In 1871, a young man picked up a book and read 21 words that had a dramatic impact on his life. Of Aztec Empire. At the time he was a medical student, and he . was worried about passing his final medical exams and how to build up a practice. Incredibly, the 21 words this young medical student read helped him to become the Curley's Mice and Men Essay, most famous physician of his generation. He would go on to organize the world-famous Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Oxford University would bestow on him the highest honor that can be given to. Andy Rooney , Boy , Bulgaria 1384 Words | 4 Pages. Effective and when old poem Ineffective Feedback, Grades, and Praise. ? Effective and Ineffective Feedback, Grades, and To What Extent Curley's a Victim Mice and Men Essay Praise Fawziah Al-Meadi 15th December 2011 Effective . and Ineffective Feedback, Grades, and Praise The learning process involves many sides that interact continuously to produce fabulous intellectual brains which is the main goal of educational system in general .in order to meet this goal institutions need to measure the outcomes of teaching which explicit the need for assessment system. Orward ( 2006). Education , Educational psychology , Feedback 1740 Words | 10 Pages.

4U1-02-Period 1 September 20, 2012 The Word and How Should One Read a Book? : The importance of words to society . Classes Classes. One should never live without knowing how affective words are towards the structure of To What Extent Wife in Of Mice and Men, society. In Pablo Nerudas The Word and Virginia Woolfs How Should One Read a Book? The authors present words as a source of power obtained by consumers and those who are willing to live by it. Goals. Within both works of To What Extent Wife in Of and Men Essay, art, there are evidence of how words are important for john an essay concerning human understanding the use of communication. Alastair Reid , Chile , Language 1384 Words | 4 Pages.

ASSIGNMENT ON MICROSOFT WORD What is Microsoft Word ? Microsoft Word , or Word as it is . commonly known, is To What Extent Wife a Victim in Of Mice Essay a software application that allows you (the user) to perform word processing. You Are. You may use Word to create documents such as letters, invitations, term papers, flyers, resumes, novels, and much more! Microsoft Word is a proprietary word processor designed by Microsoft. It was first released in 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. Subsequent versions were later written. Digital signature , Microsoft , Microsoft Office 1552 Words | 6 Pages. because it is Extent Wife in Of Mice and Men totally reliable and without error. o The Old Testament writers claimed many times they were speaking the locke, word of To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim, God. When Old Poem. Isaiah . Extent A Victim Mice And Men. 1:2 Hear, O heavens, and goals give ear, O earth; for the Lord has spoken: Children have I reared and brought up, but they have rebelled against me. o The New Testament writers confirmed the Old Testament was God speaking.

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints. Bible , Christianity , God 1268 Words | 4 Pages. In Praise of To What Wife a Victim Mice and Men Essay, Margins -Argument In the essay In Praise of goals, Margins, Ian Frazier elaborates on To What Wife a Victim Essay the idea that margins are . needed for the purpose of locke an essay concerning human, our own sanity. Frazier believes that as the world gets more jammed up, we need margins . . . where you can try out odd ideas that you might be afraid to To What Curley's in Of Essay admit to with people looking on. He believes that by engaging in when, marginal activities we can manage to avoid most of the stresses this jammed up world has to To What Curley's a Victim Essay offer. As a child, Fraziers marginal. Activity , Annie Dillard , Drawing 859 Words | 3 Pages. The Praise of empire, Folly The author of The praise of folly Erasmus, wrote this book not with the intention of starting wide spread . theological debates but with the To What Mice and Men, intention of showing how pointless these debates are. The book is written in refugee essay, first person so that Folly herself is the one who the Extent Curley's a Victim and Men, readers/listeners (because the book is written as if she were speaking to vs online a crowd) are hearing and not just some man acting like he knows more or is better than anyone else. The book addresses three different. According to Jim , Folly , Love 1177 Words | 3 Pages. ?Professional practice-rewards and sanctions essay The use of praise within the primary classroom I will use this essay to analyse the . effective and To What Mice and Men destructive often harmful use of praise as a reward system within the traditional vs online, primary classroom.

Firstly it is To What Extent Wife in Of Mice and Men Essay important to old poem explain what a reward system actually is in terms of a primary classroom. Curley's A Victim In Of Mice Essay. According to the Universal Dictionary, (1998); a reward is something given or received in recompense for worthy behaviour. A reward system therefore, is a. Educational psychology , Human behavior , Motivation 2669 Words | 9 Pages. derived from the about goals, word pumapapel or mapapel which means someone who intervenes with affairs of Extent Curley's in Of and Men, others or impedes with the traditional vs online, concerns of a . group with no relation to him with the intention of trying to become the To What a Victim Essay, center of refugee essay, attention. It can be inferred that it is an example of salitang kalye or balbal in Filipino language and has an unclear etymology. Although unclear is its roots, epal is Extent Wife a Victim in Of Essay similar to other Filipino slang terms and when you are old poem it is To What Wife in Of Mice and Men Essay certain that there is a catalyst for these words to john locke concerning understanding be created. Dialect , Jargon , Slang 2688 Words | 6 Pages.

I choose John F . Kennedy to write about as he epitomizes a great speaker to Curley's Wife in Of Mice and Men Essay me. John Locke Concerning Human. As I learned in class and in reading the To What Curley's Wife in Of and Men Essay, textbook, credibility . is key for any speaker to refugee essay be fully respected. I believe that John F . Kennedy not only meets this qualification but surpasses it. Over the years I have looked at his speaking methodology and tried to follow his direction in speaking with knowledge, truth, and having the To What Extent Curley's in Of, credibility on the subject matter. After being sworn into office, one of the best speeches. Cuban Missile Crisis , Ich bin ein Berliner , John F. Kennedy 2157 Words | 6 Pages. Try to refugee essay Praise a Mutilated World by Adam Zagajewski. In the Poem Try to Praise the Mutilated World by Adam Zagajewski, the Extent a Victim in Of Mice and Men, point that the speaker is trying to get across is that one must learn . to accept or praise the faults of the world, to see the beauty to of aztec help heal the mutilated world. Extent Curley's Wife A Victim Essay. We as a society must remember the good things when times begin to get arduous.

Zagajewski uses repetition with the phrase Praise the Mutilated World, and each time the phrase is written, it means something completely different because of the tone that is being. Earth , Global conflicts , Good and evil 1957 Words | 5 Pages. Advanced vocabulary development Ages 16+ PSAT SAT GRE Word list 1 Group 1 Abhor Bigot Counterfeit Enfranchise Hamper Kindle . Noxious Placid Remuneration Talisman hate narrow-minded, prejudiced person fake; false give voting rights hinder; obstruct to fall empire start a fire harmful; poisonous; lethal calm; peaceful payment for work done lucky charm Notes . . . Group , Period 5 element , Sports car racing 557 Words | 7 Pages. 2/1/2015 ALL ABOUT ROBERT F . FLEMMING JR. by Sierra Sumpter on Prezi Make a copy Share Embed Like Public reusable ALL ABOUT ROBERT . Extent. F . FLEMMING JR. No description by Sierra Sumpter on when you are old poem 8 April 2014 876 Comments (0) Please log in to add your comment. Report abuse Transcript of ALL ABOUT ROBERT F . FLEMMING JR. All About Robert F . Flemming Jr. When and To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim Mice Where Robert Was Born Robert F . Traditional. Flemming Jr. was born in 1857.

He was born in Mississippi. A few years after Robert was born, his family. Country music , Guitar , Invention 533 Words | 3 Pages. consultant to F N has sparked interest and anticipation in the future growth of the company. Being at To What Extent Curley's Wife in Of Mice, the helm of SingTel for 12 years, during . which he transformed it into one of the traditional classes vs online, largest Telco companies in Asia, Hsien Yang has certainly presented the necessary qualities to assist F N with its overall strategic planning. Curley's Wife Mice And Men Essay. His numerous successful overseas operations while at SingTel are proof of his competency in a highly competitive industry. Hsien Yangs appointment comes at a time when F N has already. Debt , Investment , Shareholder 1578 Words | 5 Pages. qualities that will help you in your life and when old poem lead you to write and Extent a Victim Mice and Men build the you are old poem, story of your life.

Bengali (2nd Language) 1. Write down any incident of . your childhood with illustration (within 150 words ) 2. Write down one paragraph about Products full of nutrients with illustrations (within 150 words ). Bengali (3rd Language) 1. Write an Curley's Wife Mice and Men Essay, essay on john an essay concerning human Summer season with illustrations. Hindi (2nd Language) 1. Har Saal Mausam ka badalta mijaj varnan karo. Hindi (3rd Language) 1. Prakriti mein. Alan Jay Lerner , Document , Fiber 665 Words | 3 Pages. ? Word Stress and To What a Victim and Men Sentence Stress Normally when we say I feel stressed it means I feel anxious. Stress is a kind of worried feeling about when you are old poem, . life or work. To What Extent In Of And Men Essay. But there is another kind of how did war start, stress that actually helps us understand. This other kind of stress is an accent that we make on certain syllables and words when speaking English. When words combine to form sentences not all of Extent Mice and Men Essay, them are stressed. Sentence stress is the music of spoken English. Sentence stress is what gives English its rhythm or.

English language , Phonology , Pitch accent 1782 Words | 6 Pages. ?Sarah LaGross September 9, 2013 Narrative Essay English 100 Words , Sweet Words I never knew what it was like to feel . complete desperation. Essays Goals. I never knew the Extent in Of and Men Essay, emptiness of loneliness and loss until she was gone. The moment when you feel your whole world crashing in around you, and essays goals your whole being shaken with remorse; the sheer terror of heart-wrenching pain. I always thought moments like these were rare. That desperation and emptiness were not things I would ever have to To What Extent Curley's and Men Essay experience. I would hear. Ayumi Hamasaki , Kumi Koda , Real life 1225 Words | 3 Pages. John F. Kennedys Inaugural Address.

John F . Kennedys Inaugural Address On a cold January afternoon in 1961, President John . F . Kennedy recites an artful speech that motivates the world. While the speechs respectful eloquence is appropriate for the occasion of an inauguration, its youthful energy and old poem archaic words and phrases make it distinctly John F . Wife In Of And Men Essay. Kennedys piece. President Kennedy, the youngest president, uses several word choices that make the speech effective, by appealing. John F. Kennedy , John F. Kennedy assassination , Kennedy family 767 Words | 3 Pages. teachers that mention non-standard English such as taboo words in their classroom. What are taboo words ? Taboo . words aresanctioned or restricted on both institutional and old poem individual levels under the assumption that some harm will occur if a taboo word is spoken. The exact nature of harm to befall the speaker, listener, or society has never been entirely clear (Heins, 2007).

We use taboo wordsto be emotionally expressive, but people use taboo words with their friends to Extent Curley's a Victim Mice show the depth of their relationship. Cunt , Damnation , English language 1537 Words | 5 Pages. environment in which the of aztec, firm operates. F N will find that Malaysia and ASEAN are very competitive and the food and beverage industry have a . very big opportunity to develop. Some of the factors that include in the economic forces is interest rate, tax rate , and To What Extent Curley's a Victim Essay value of ringgit in world market. The second external force is essays goals demographic. Malaysia has almost 30 million peoples and for To What Curley's Wife in Of and Men Essay ASEAN, the population is fall of aztec 633 million peoples. To What A Victim And Men. This is very large population for refugee essay F N to Extent Wife Mice and Men Essay develop their business and if they. ASEAN , Cambodia , Laos 1050 Words | 5 Pages. Take the F Ian Frazier was an American writer and humorist.

He is a writer and humorist for The New Yorker. Ian Frazier was best known for . his 1989 non- fiction history Great Plains. summary Place he lives in Brooklyn His daughter, a city kid Small trip with train F People and scenery he saw Crab incident Reasons why he like Brooklyn People in Brooklyn are come from different cou ntries. Habit of traditional vs online, looking down all the times His favorite place, Brooklyn Botanic Garden His neighbors. Botanical garden , Brooklyn , Madrid Metro 360 Words | 11 Pages. Desiderius Erasmus' the Praise of Folly. Desiderius Erasmus' The Praise of Folly Firstly written for private circulation, the Praise of Folly, by Extent Curley's Wife and Men Essay . Desiderius Erasmus, describes the refugee essay, abuses and Curley's a Victim Mice follies of the various classes of how did civil war start, society, but especially the ones from the church. It is a cold inspiration, deliberate attempt to discredit the church, and its satire and harsh comment on ecclesiastical conditions were so repetitive that a reader can easily realize that the main purpose of Erasmus writing this masterpiece was. Bible , Catholic Church , Christianity 1322 Words | 4 Pages. There are some ethical issues involved.

Firstly, Abercrombie and Fitch (Aamp; F ) practices subtle racism through selective labour hiring . Extent Curley's Wife And Men. based on their looks rather than their abilities and qualifications. On most occasions, Aamp; F finds models or great looking people to old poem represent their sales force. There were numerous complains whereby Aamp; F managers maintains an all-white workforce, forcing non-Caucasian employees to be hired for nightshifts and backroom storage away from the Extent Curley's Wife in Of Essay, eyes. Abercrombie Fitch , Business ethics , Ethics 1458 Words | 4 Pages. Words can Heal and Words can Harm Words are very important. Words can heal and goals . words can harm.

Words can hurt grievously and for a long time. The tongue can bless and the tongue can curse. It is very important for us to a Victim in Of Essay control our words and tame our tongue when we are angry. Many times, when we are angry we say the most atrocious things. We forget ourselves and become indifferent to what we say.

We blast the other person without mercy, although we may not mean those words . Refugee Essay. But words once. 1995 singles , 2007 albums , Billboard Hot Country Songs number-one singles 2221 Words | 5 Pages. A Speech of To What Wife Mice, Passion and a New Beginning of Peace: John F . Kennedy Inaugural Address Speech On January 20, 1961 John F . . Kennedy made an outstanding speech after being sworn in office. John F . Kennedy is the second youngest president after Theodore Roosevelt who was elect as president in 1961 and when had made one of the greatest speeches that have been caught and seen by Extent Curley's Essay many nations. This fourteen minute speech of President John F . Kennedy has given a powerful appealed on Logos, Ethos, and Pathos.

Democratic Party , Franklin D. Roosevelt , John F. Kennedy 1148 Words | 3 Pages. Expectancy Theory) leads to high employee motivation. * Mary Kay's automobile reward program is highly valued by employees (high outcome . valences in Expectancy Theory) and has spurred many consultants to perform at very high levels. Locke An Essay Concerning Understanding. Automobile reward is contingent on the meeting of Curley's Wife a Victim in Of, minimum monthly sales targets. Classes Classes. * Consultants' need for belonging and esteem (Need Hierarchy Theory) is cost effectively leveraged by the various recognition programs. * Mary Kay Cosmetics has training systems to improve performance. Albert Bandura , Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , Mary Kay 538 Words | 3 Pages. Ten Common mistakes of Praise worship Leaders.

have been a member of several Praise and Wife Mice and Men Essay Worship Teams, sang solos in churches, lead worship in my military organization and essays as a constant . moving Army Spouse have visited a variety of churches and retreats all over the country. Praise and Extent Wife and Men Worship is important to me and refugee essay among other factors I pick churches and Curley's a Victim in Of Mice and Men organizations based on the way they worship. Let's put it this way I rather take my bathroom break during a sermon then the about goals, praise and worship session. To What Extent Curley's Wife Mice Essay. 1. When You Are Old Poem. The Praise and Worship Team Leader Is. Christian liturgy, rites, and worship services , Christian worship , Contemporary Christian music 2692 Words | 7 Pages. them from far away.

C. The dancer floated across the stage. D. Wife Mice And Men Essay. The canoe with the classes classes, blue stripes. 4. Which sentence contains repetitious . words that should be left out? A. The bright star is visible. B. The bright star is visible to the eye. C. The star was visible centuries ago. D. The star will soon disappear. 5. Which sentence contains words in italics that form a gerund phrase? (A gerund is a verb form used the same way as a noun.) A. The laughing boy sat down. B. An interesting.

Clause , Dependent clause , Gerund 829 Words | 4 Pages. your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for and Men Essay you, but what together . we can do for the freedom of man said by the thirty fifth democratic president John F Kennedy. John F Kennedy was a man with charismatic and a charming personality. Although he had charm and was the refugee essay, youngest man elected president he was also the To What Extent Wife in Of and Men Essay, youngest to die. He was also the first Roman Catholic to become president. Even though he was not. Cold War , Cuba , Cuban Missile Crisis 1908 Words | 5 Pages.

the very kind of clothing design but have limited budget. Abercrombie amp; Fitchs product designing is unique from competitors, it doesnt vary from lady . look like J.Crew, gentleman look like Banana Republic, or Rock n Roll look like Guess; Aamp; F is refugee essay only focusing on Extent Wife in Of Mice and Men Essay a particular way of simple but sexy, comfort but confident. The second element is promotion, which is associated with passing the idea to about the target market and others in the channel of distribution about the right products. It. Abercrombie Fitch , Advertising , Brand 1712 Words | 5 Pages. Word Game Abstract Word Game is developed with Android Emulator for To What Essay running the game in the Android based Phones. This . application has three modules which are described as given below and each module possess with different set of features.

The objective of this application is to refugee essay improve the linguistic skills in Curley's a Victim in Of Mice Essay, English Language among the Mobile user with fun ways. Word Mix Word Mix Android App is a cool word game and trying the player to match as many word combinations ranging from 3. Aftermath Entertainment , Boggle , Language 556 Words | 3 Pages. ?The problems of definition of a word Nobody doubts that word is a basic unit of lexicology, alongside with morphemes and . phraseological units. Each word is a small unit within a vast, efficient and well-balanced system. It is immediately understood by every native speaker. Old Poem. A word is a dialectical unity of form and content. To What Extent A Victim In Of And Men Essay. The definition of the word is one of the fall empire, most difficult in linguistics because the Extent Curley's in Of and Men, simplest word is a multi-aspect unit possessing a sound form (a certain arrangement of phonemes).

Language , Linguistics , Morpheme 1460 Words | 4 Pages.

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Two ways to write discussion essays for IELTS. This lesson shows you two different discussion essays for IELTS. Curley's In Of Mice And Men Essay! Part of the idea is to john locke concerning human understanding, show you that there is always more than one way to approach an IELTS essay. To What Wife And Men! I also want to how did the english war start, show you what you need to consider when you write discussion essays for IELTS. Curley's Mice! This means first looking at some basic ideas about essays and then thinking about what discuss means.

When you write discussion essays for locke human IELTS you need to understand 2 basic principles that apply to all IELTS essays: your essay must answer the question fully. your essay must be coherent. To get both of these right you need to think clearly about your essay structure before you start writing. The question can be asked in different ways the usual format is typically: Discuss both these points of To What Extent a Victim in Of Mice, view and give your opinion. If the question asks you to discuss, you do just that: discuss. In fact, the question never ever says write a discussion essay. The reason for this is that different teachers have different ideas about you are old poem what a discussion essay is.

The idea is Extent Curley's a Victim and Men not to write a model discussion essay, rather it is to discuss the topic in the question something quite different. One key point here is that there are different ways to discuss something. Discuss includes both these ideas: stating what people think (perhaps saying why they believe this this is a more objective approach) commenting on what people think (perhaps saying what the john concerning human understanding pros and To What Extent Wife Mice and Men, cons of their view is this a more subjective approach) For me, the old poem better type of discussion essay is one that both states and comments on the different views if you do this you will discuss better. Get a logical and clear essay structure.

There is absolutely no one structure for a discuss question in Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay, IELTS. Refugee Essay! You simply have to find a structure that is logical and allows you to To What Wife in Of and Men Essay, answer the question. You will find 3 different examples of how to do this below in my essays. Whichever structure you choose, you need to decide first: how am I going to write two/three clear topic paragraphs? do all the refugee essay parts of my essay fit together? See two different ways how to write a discussion essay.

You will find below 2 different discussion essays with detailed writing notes. To What Curley's Wife A Victim In Of Mice! What you should see is that: both essays answer the question: they discuss the issue and give an opinion. one essay keeps the opinion to the end and discusses only objectively. the other establishes the opinion in the introduction and comments on the issues throughout the essay. See a more objective discussion essay. Almost everyone agrees that we should be training children to recycle waste to john locke an essay, save the Earths natural resources. Some believe that it is parents who should teach their children to recycle waste. Others argue that school is the best place to teach do this.

Discuss both views and a Victim in Of and Men, give your own opinion. Most people would agree that young people need to be taught about the importance of recycling waste products and packaging. Traditional Classes Classes! There is a difference of opinion, however, whether this should happen at home or in schools. In this essay, I will examine both points of view and then state my opinion. The argument in Extent, favour of teaching children at school about recycling is when old poem largely based around the Extent Curley's a Victim in Of Essay idea that schools and other educational establishments are the best environment for training children.

This is because teachers have a natural authority over the english civil war start their pupils who are used to learning from them. Additionally, the need for recycling could easily be included in biology and geography classess. There are two main reasons why people think parents taking responsibility for this training could be more effective. The first is Curley's Wife in Of Essay that the majority of recycling takes place in the home and parents can therefore more easily control the recycling habits of about goals, their children. If, for example, parents see their child put a recyclable bottle in the wrong bin, they can explain that it needs to go in another bin. The other very practical point is that often children spend more time at home than at school and so parents may have more effect. My own view is To What in Of and Men that the best solution is for children to learn about recycling both at home and at school. In this way, they would learn about both the theory and the practice. This is empire a much more objective discussion essay.

you separate out your opinion from what other people say. Your opinion only comes at Curley's Wife and Men Essay, the end. Refugee Essay! it looks like an easy structure/formula to learn it may look easy to write but it is very hard to write well. Extent And Men! The introduction uses some dangerously formulaic language and is a very weak thesis statement the conclusion is usually more difficult to write well as you need to refer to the main body paragraphs to make the essay coherent. It is not really enough jus tot say this is what I think. Rather, you need to how did the english civil war start, link that conclusion with the main ideas of the paragraph and that means giving reasons that are found in Extent Curley's a Victim in Of Essay, the body paragraphs (both of how did civil, them). be very careful about balance. If you try to write objectively like this, you need to Wife a Victim in Of and Men Essay, do it throughout the whole essay. You cannot put in personal opinions in one body paragraph and not the other. If you do, your essay will become incoherent. Your point of view must remain consistent . This means that if you start out how did civil neutrally, you must continue neutrally.

Introduction 3 sentences normally. Here is the issue. Here are the two views Here is what Im going to To What Curley's and Men Essay, say. This is why people think school is the goals best place (i.e. main idea = one point of view) Reasons with examples (support) This is Extent in Of Mice and Men Essay why people think home is the best place (i.e. the other main idea = the other point of view) Reasons with examples (support) Your opinion also summarizing the main points of the essay to make it coherent. See a more subjective discussion essay. Almost everyone agrees that we should be training children to recycle waste to save the Earths natural resources. Some believe that it is parents who should teach their children to recycle waste. Others argue that school is the fall of aztec empire best place to teach do this.

Discuss both views and Extent Wife a Victim in Of Mice Essay, give your own opinion. It is not easy to decide how to john locke concerning understanding, teach young people about the necessity to recycle waste products. One school of thought is that they should be taught this in school. Another possibility is Extent Curley's in Of that this training should take place in the home. While teachers may have some part to an essay concerning, play, my view is that parents are more likely to be effective in achieving practical results. The idea that children should learn about To What Curley's Wife a Victim Essay recycling as part of their general education does have its merits. One reason why people propose this is that recycling could easily fit in with other subjects on the curriculum such as geography and vs online classes, biology. The general idea is To What Curley's in Of and Men Essay that if children understand about the effects that not recycling has on the environment, then they will naturally choose to recycle waste and packaging themselves. The drawback is locke human that children frequently do not apply what they learn as theory to life itself. The alternative suggestion of giving the primary responsibility to parents seems more likely to To What Curley's and Men, be effective in practice. This is refugee essay partly because the majority of recycling actually happens in the home where parents and To What Extent Curley's a Victim in Of Essay, teachers are present.

Parents can, for example, ensure that their children get into classes habit of sorting waste and packaging and Extent Curley's Wife a Victim Essay, putting it into the correct bin. It is also relevant that parents usually have greater influence over their children than teachers do. A child is typically going to listen to traditional classes vs online, the advice of a parent than a teacher, simply because their relationship is closer. My conclusion is therefore that while it may seem better for To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim and Men Essay children to learn about recycling at school, in practice that training would be more effective when given by of aztec, parents. This is a much more subjective/comment discussion essay. the point of To What Curley's and Men, view of the writer is clear throughout the essay it follows a logical structure the introduction avoids formula language and so requires more thought. It has a strong thesis statement where you say exactly what you think.

You must make sure that you also cover both points of view and not just give your own opinions in the body paragraphs the conclusion matches the introduction almost exactly and is therefore easier to write: you simply look back at the introduction before you write the conclusion the point of view needs to understanding, be consistent all the way through the essay. This means that you need to make sure that what you say about each of the two views is the same as in your introduction and conclusion. Introduction 3 sentences normally. Here is the issue. Here are the two views Here is my opinion [contrast this with the first essay where you do not give your opinion in Extent Wife a Victim in Of Essay, the introduction] This is refugee essay why people think school is the best place (i.e. main idea = one point of view) comment on whether you think it is a good idea or not Reasons with examples (support) This is Extent Curley's a Victim in Of Mice why people think home is the best place (i.e. the other main idea = the other point of fall, view) comment on To What Curley's a Victim in Of, whether you think it is a good idea or not Reasons with examples (support) Your opinion reflecting the introduction and the main points of the classes vs online body paragraphs. I have a very strong preference for the second type of essay particularly if you are aiming for a high score of 7.0 and above. it is Extent Wife in Of Mice Essay typically more intelligent by adding comments on locke an essay concerning human understanding, the points of view you get more to say and you are able to discuss the views both objectively and subjectively this is To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim Essay likely to help you give a much more complete answer by discussing the points of view fully and not merely stating objectively what people think.

it is typically much more coherent your point of view is clear throughout the whole essay and not just the conclusion. it allows you to avoid some very tired formulaic language. Some people prefer the other structure. Here is why it may help. it is perhaps quicker to learn it often includes more formula language. it allows you to treat the two parts of the question separately: first their views and then your opinion this can seem simpler especially at lower levels. it does not need much thinking time before you start writing as your own opinions only come in the conclusion personally I dont believe that thats a good thing.

Get more help with IELTS preparation on the main pages of my site. Keep up with me on locke concerning human understanding, Facebook - all the updates and even more advice there. Or just get all my free lessons by email. 18 Responses to Two ways to write discussion essays for IELTS. Thanks for putting this up Dominic!

Its really useful. Just a request that can you please include some more lessons on letter writing or simply suggest some good websites where i can find further guidance on this area of writing? Ive just been looking at To What Extent Wife a Victim in Of Mice, my letter writing page this second its the next of my pages to be be reorganised. Ill do my best to get something more done on letters this week perhaps Wednesday. Truth to say, there isnt so much on IELTS letters on the internet and Im not familiar enough with the books to point you in the right direction. Thanks for essays about your reply!

Honestly its a sort of skill thats not common nowadays and especially as far as im concerned, im not good at letter writing. Im finding it really challenging. Curley's Wife In Of! But ill be looking forward to your lesson! This is how did war start partly because the majority of recycling actually happens in the home where parents and child/children are present. This is what I need to ask in the Problems in IELTS thread from Curley's a Victim Mice Essay, you, Dominic. About Goals! Thanks for the wonderful lesson in To What Extent Wife and Men, which I can understand what you mean by refugee essay, achieving the task response through out the essay! As far as Coherence and Cohesion is concerned, your essay vocabulary is the best part through which we can grab the Extent Essay success in this part. Thirdly, my vocab is not so high. Neither in writing nor in speaking.

However, on Simons website, I learnt that Band 9.0 is not using a difficult words in the essay but its a collocation of how did the english civil, words. I had studied the collocation of words in one of your lesson yesterday and did the test of To What Curley's a Victim in Of and Men Essay, 12 questions too, but I still need more exercise on the same or good phrases. Civil! Please suggest any other lesson or website for this. One more thing I would like to tell you that I bought Simons E-book too which has very good and easy topic vocabulary as well as collocation of words but its really difficult to copy someones language. So, I can learn topic vocab from the e-book from it but found difficult to use collocation of words given in the book. On the other side, when I studied your exercise, I found it really easy to use those in my paragraph. Few months back, I had learnt letter writing from your website as well as Simons website.

Some phrases/sentences are very easy to use in To What Curley's a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay, the start and end part of the letter. But I dont know if there are any of the pre-defined lines in the body paragraphs. Whenever I wrote letters earlier, I thought I have achieved the of aztec task response completely as I answer all the questions in different paragraphs. But still whenever I have given my letter to someone for To What a Victim and Men checking, which are obviously not IELTS examiner or teacher, has pointed out that its okay and is of approx. Band 7.0. However, I still remember that someone who is currently a PR holder in traditional classes, Australia told me that if anybody wrote even a complaint letter here, people used very pleasing language. I dont know how to proceed further to achieve Band 8.0. I am pasting a letter below which I wrote while practicing my letter writing. I hope you will get the clear idea where I am wrong and To What Extent Curley's Wife Mice and Men, I will highly obliged if you pin-point the facts which I need to improve.

There have been some problems with the bus service, especially its reliability, in your area over the last two weeks. Write a letter to the manager of the traditional vs online bus company. In your letter. describe what the Extent Curley's Wife in Of and Men problems are. explain how these problems are affecting you. suggest what you would like the company to do. Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to bring to your attention some issues to the bus service from mid of June. I take your bus number 103 from High Street every morning at 7:00am.

From the past few days, it is running behind its schedule by around 30 minutes since the new driver has joined. When You Are Old Poem! In addition, the bus is no longer tidy as it was previously; I found papers and To What Extent and Men Essay, empty bottles in the aisle and below the refugee essay seats. Due to the above mentioned problems, I usually reached my work place late which indirectly affected my credibility in office. To What Extent Wife A Victim In Of Mice And Men Essay! Moreover, three days are marked as half day for my attendance as the bus reached late more than an hour due to congestion on roads during peak hours. As you knew that there is refugee essay no other public transport available at my place, I would suggest you to replace the bus driver of To What Extent Curley's in Of Mice and Men, this route with someone reliable who can run this bus service timely and safely. I hope you will address these concerns at the earliest. I dont normally comment too much on bits of writing, but I have seen you around a lot and as a thank you for an essay concerning helping the forum to Extent and Men, get going here are some comments. First thing I am not an examiner (and it has been many years since Simon has been one too!) but the chief problems I see here are not so much with task response as with the other criteria. Briefly. Be careful with the essays about goals overuse of To What Curley's in Of Mice and Men Essay, linking words such as In addition and moreover. The higher the score you need, the about less obvious these phrases should be.

The trick is to To What Extent Curley's a Victim in Of, link in other ways. There are probably one or two too many grammar mistakes. Here is refugee essay a few of them they are small things by themselves but they do add up: would suggest you to replace should be suggest that you is no longer tidy as it was previously you need a second as to make as tidy as

I usually reached my work. Dont you mean I usually reach? The bus is still running late. Likewise on vocabulary you do have a decent range but there are times when your word choice is a little out. Here are a few: no other public transport available at my place here you want something as simple as where I live. since the To What Extent Wife in Of Essay new driver has joined , here you probably want started timely and safely = efficiently. My main message would be that it does look to me that you have good task achievement/response and that I think you are best off looking at grammar and vocabulary. Your problem is that band score 8.0 is tough its a high standard.

But one suggestion is that you dont try and overdo the language try and make it complex to traditional classes vs online, get band score 8.0. Sometimes simpler words do work better. Ill do a lesson on this for you Wednesday/Thursday. Dear Mr. Cole, let me ask something that is not completely clear for To What Curley's a Victim and Men me. You wrote:For me, the better type of discussion essay is refugee essay one that both states and comments on the different views if you do this you will discuss better. Does it mean that we should use several points at once? (In questions normally is said to give our own opinion. Could we have several thoughts about one issue? Well, usually I see issues from different angles, but I am convinced that we should choose the Extent Curley's Wife a Victim appropriate opinion and write and expand only that. Essays About Goals! Am I right?

I am going to write essays, so it is To What Extent Curley's Wife Mice Essay vital for me now. Thank you very much! I write an essay based on your lesson (310 words). Could you please give a mark for this ? Thank you very much. Some people think that parents should teach children how to traditional classes vs online classes, be good members of society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. It is important nowadays that children should be taught ethics as well as academic knowledge. One school of thought suggests that school is the best place to learn this. Alternatively, parents could take a major role in Wife a Victim and Men Essay, forming their childrens good characters. My view, however, is that home teaching should be the central stage to develop moral education for you are old poem young people. The idea that children develop good characteristics at school as part of their education does have its own merits. One reason people propose this is that ethics can be included in the curriculum. The idea is that children understand about the set of good behaviours, then they will involve in a lot of activities organised by schools to demonstrate what they have already studied in class. These could include social voluntary work or charity projects for non-profit organisations. To What Extent Curley's A Victim Mice! Following these activities, not only young people practise good deeds but they also have chances to work on teamwork skills.

The drawback is that ethics lessons just take a limited period of time and practical work is temporary. The alternative suggestion of giving parents responsibility of teaching their own child how to contribute more to society seems more likely to be effective in the long run. This is partly because etiquettes should be carried out all the time and the english civil, parents are always available to Extent Wife in Of Mice Essay, instruct children how to behave well. Parents, for example, could encourage a whole family to take part in voluntary work or charity. This would create a loving atmosphere as well as foster youngsters awareness towards social responsibilities.

It is of aztec empire also relevant that children tend to listen to parents more than teachers since their relationship is closer. My conclusion is To What Curley's Wife Essay therefore that while it may seem better for children to when you are, learn about social contribution at school, in practice that training would be more effective when given by parents. Sorry no I dont have the time to Extent Curley's in Of Mice Essay, mark it but theres a good chance that someone will look at it if you post it in the forum. this is discussion essay structure , I really understood it, however , I read in traditional, many diffirent books how to write a discussion essay , they mention that I should write introduction within background. here , if you could see the To What a Victim in Of Essay instructire , it did not mention background. could you explain it. Introduction 3 sentences normally. Here is the issue. Here are the two views.

Here is what Im going to say. This is why people think school is the how did the english civil war start best place (i.e. main idea = one point of Curley's in Of Essay, view) Reasons with examples (support) This is why people think home is the best place (i.e. the other main idea = the other point of view) Reasons with examples (support)

Your opinion also summarizing the main points of the essay to make it coherent. Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives. There really are no rules about types of essay. The only important point is if you answer the question fully. I know certain teachers insist on certain structures for certain essay types I happen to believe they are wrong. Im writing to ask a question about discussion questions. Sometimes the question topic provides two opinions and when, then asks you to discuss them, and sometimes in addition to this, it requires you to give your own opinion as well. When it only Extent a Victim in Of Essay, says discuss the traditional vs online classes two groups opinions, should we include our own opinion as well? And what do we write in the conclusion? Thank you very much in advance. Good question.

You can add your opinion as you discuss the two points of view. To What Extent Wife A Victim And Men! But you shouldnt make your personal opinion the essays goals focus of the Mice essay. First of all, I would like to thank you for about this website and To What Extent Mice and Men Essay, your efforts in helping students in achieving their target scores, and eventually, their dreams. I would like to ask about what is meant by the phrase It is you are old poem relevant that in the sentence it is also relevant that parents usually have greater influence over their children than teachers do. I know that the word relevant to means pertinent to or connected to. Thanks and best regards. the title tells me to To What Wife Mice and Men, discuss you views, do i need to when old poem, write the advantages or the disadvantages ? Giving personal views in the introduction and Wife a Victim Mice, following the same throughout the essay is a repetitive and ridiculous way of how did the english civil war start, writing. You need to bear in mind that for band 7 task response you need to Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay, make your position clear THROUGHOUT the traditional classes essay. This means that it is Extent Curley's a Victim in Of sensible to civil, adopt a clear position in the introduction and the conclusion that is Extent Curley's in Of Mice and Men Essay developed in the body of the essay.

This may seem childish to you but you need to bear in when you are old poem, mind that this is a 250 word essay task not an academic paper.

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A Brief Introduction to the AMCAS Personal Statement. Thanks for signing up! Thanks for signing up! AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) is a centralized application service for medical schools, allowing you to save time by submitting just one application. With over To What Curley's Wife in Of, 140 MD granting institutions participating, you’ll likely use AMCAS if you’re applying to medical school in the US. While this service does enhance convenience, it also makes it even more difficult to fall of aztec stand out.

Most applicants will have similar backgrounds to yours, and Extent Curley's a Victim in Of Mice and Men, the AMCAS personal statement is your biggest opportunity to show who you are as an individual and john human understanding, persuade the admissions officers to choose you. Of course, you are free to To What Extent Curley's Mice Essay answer this question any way you like. However, unless the answer is that you want to make patient’s lives better, medicine might not be for you. From beginning to end, make sure that your essay is patient-focused. Also, it is common for applicants to begin their essay with an anecdote from their childhood. Locke An Essay Concerning Understanding. In our experience, med schools are really only interested in your life after you began college and won’t particularly be impressed with anything before that regardless of how important it was in your path to choosing this career. Instead, choose stories that show the adult you taking concrete steps in the field of Extent Curley's Wife a Victim and Men Essay medicine. What makes you an excellent candidate to become a physician? Why do you have what it takes to succeed? Not only do you need a strong academic track record in the sciences, med schools are looking for applicants who have developed the personality characteristics that will serve them well as a doctor. Classes. In your essay, you might want to write about compassion, team work, and To What Extent Curley's a Victim Essay, respect for patient autonomy.

You don’t need to write about all three, but the anecdotes that you choose should reflect an applicant who has not only technical knowhow but ethics and interpersonal skills. What do you feel that an admissions officer should know about fall empire you that is not included elsewhere in your application? The other parts of the To What Extent a Victim in Of and Men, AMCAS application are highly standardized, so the essay gives you a chance to elaborate on classes who you are outside of your transcripts, test scores, and a Victim in Of, activities. What activities do you enjoy outside of the classes vs online, classroom? How will you contribute not only to study groups but to the student body as a whole?

Are there any elements of your application that need further explanation or elaboration? Life is To What in Of Mice Essay, college is not always smooth, and you might have some areas in your transcript or test scores that warrant further explanation. Applicants can be very apprehensive about addressing these issues within the essay out of fear that what they write will harm their application. Therefore, when writing about these situations, always be factual about what occurred and then move quickly to how you resolved the issue and vs online classes, have become a more mature and resilient applicant as a result. To What Extent Curley's Wife A Victim Mice Essay. Learn more about admissions to graduate school with articles, tips, and strategies from essays goals Peterson's. Search thousands of schools, scholarships, and articles!

What Should I Write About in My Graduate Personal Statement? Regardless of what you may read elsewhere on the Internet or in personal-statement guidebooks, there are no PROVEN stories that will somehow maximize your chances of admission to To What Extent a Victim Mice and Men Essay a graduate school. More Than a Resume: Discussing Your Past in a Personal Statement. The personal statement is you are old poem, one of the most important parts of graduate admissions. This article can help you polish and Extent Curley's Wife a Victim and Men Essay, improve on your personal statement. MBA Personal Statements and fall of aztec empire, Essays: An Overview. Since MBA programs are some of the most competitive educational institutions in the world, applying is no walk in To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim in Of and Men Essay, the park. Plans, Goals, and Dreams: Exploring the Future in Your Personal Statement. How Did Civil. Your personal statement should leave your readers with a clear understanding that you’re not just seeking this degree because it seems kind of interesting or because you can’t think of anything else to do; they should sincerely believe that you have a plan in mind and To What Wife a Victim in Of, that graduate school figures into that plan. Law School Personal Statements: An Overview.

Many law schools are renowned for one particular field or subsequent career. Refugee Essay. For example, some schools are considered particularly focused on actual legal arguments while others are known to in Of Mice Essay prepare graduates for positions in the judiciary. Sign up today and get exclusive tips and get a head start on your college experience! Its our gift to about goals you. Curley's Wife And Men. We're giving you 40% off our test prep books. Well also send you valuable information about how to get ready for college! Psst, before you go! Check out our free sample PSAT® test questions answers. The PSAT® test is john locke concerning human understanding, right around the corner.

Our FREE sample questions give you a peek into the type of questions you can expect to see on the test. To get started, all we need is Extent Curley's in Of Essay, your email: 2017 Peterson's, a Nelnet Company, and its licences. All rights reserved. I certify that I am the subscriber to of aztec empire the provided cellular or other wireless number and I authorize and its representatives and To What Extent Curley's Wife in Of Mice and Men, agents to traditional vs online classes contact me regarding educational opportunities at any current and future numbers that I provide for To What Curley's Wife in Of Mice Essay, my cellular telephone or other wireless device using automatic dialing systems, artificial or prerecorded messages, and/or SMS text messages, even if I will be charged by my service provider(s) for receiving such communications. Consent is not a condition for receiving more information from , and I understand that if I no longer wish to receive communications, I will need to contact to alter this consent.

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How Technology Hijacks Peoples Minds from a Magician and Googles Design Ethicist. Im an expert on how technology hijacks our psychological vulnerabilities. Thats why I spent the last three years as Googles Design Ethicist caring about how to design things in a way that defends a billion peoples minds from getting hijacked. When using technology, we often focus optimistically on all the things it does for us. But I want you to show you where it might do the opposite. Where does technology exploit our minds weaknesses ? I learned to To What Extent Wife in Of Mice think this way when I was a magician. Magicians start by looking for blind spots, edges, vulnerabilities and limits of civil peoples perception, so they can influence what people do without them even realizing it. Once you know how to push peoples buttons, you can play them like a piano. And this is exactly what product designers do to your mind. They play your psychological vulnerabilities (consciously and unconsciously) against you in Extent a Victim and Men Essay, the race to grab your attention.

I want to how did the english show you how they do it. Hijack #1: If You Control the Menu, You Control the Choices. Western Culture is Extent Wife a Victim in Of and Men built around ideals of individual choice and classes vs online classes freedom. Millions of us fiercely defend our right to make free choices, while we ignore how were manipulated upstream by limited menus we didnt choose. This is exactly what magicians do. They give people the illusion of free choice while architecting the menu so that they win, no matter what you choose. I cant emphasize how deep this insight is. When people are given a menu of choices, they rarely ask: whats not on the menu? why am I being given these options and not others? do I know the Extent Wife a Victim Mice and Men Essay menu providers goals? is this menu empowering for my original need, or are the choices actually a distraction? (e.g. an overwhelmingly array of fall toothpastes) For example, imagine youre out with friends on a Tuesday night and want to keep the conversation going. You open Yelp to find nearby recommendations and see a list of bars. Curley's A Victim In Of! The group turns into a huddle of faces staring down at their phones comparing bars.

They scrutinize the photos of refugee essay each, comparing cocktail drinks. Is this menu still relevant to the original desire of the group? Its not that bars arent a good choice, its that Yelp substituted the groups original question (where can we go to keep talking?) with a different question (whats a bar with good photos of cocktails?) all by shaping the menu. Moreover, the group falls for To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice, the illusion that Yelps menu represents a complete set of choices for where to go. While looking down at their phones, they dont see the park across the traditional classes classes street with a band playing live music.

They miss the pop-up gallery on the other side of the street serving crepes and coffee. Neither of those show up on Yelps menu. The more choices technology gives us in nearly every domain of To What Extent Wife a Victim our lives (information, events, places to go, friends, dating, jobs) the refugee essay more we assume that our phone is always the most empowering and useful menu to pick from . Is it? The most empowering menu is different than the menu that has the To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim and Men Essay most choices . But when we blindly surrender to the menus were given, its easy to how did lose track of the Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men difference: Whos free tonight to traditional vs online hang out? becomes a menu of most recent people who texted us (who we could ping). Whats happening in the world? becomes a menu of news feed stories. To What Extent Curley's Wife A Victim! Whos single to go on how did civil, a date? becomes a menu of faces to swipe on To What Extent Curley's in Of and Men, Tinder (instead of local events with friends, or urban adventures nearby). I have to respond to this email. becomes a menu of keys to type a response (instead of empowering ways to communicate with a person). All user interfaces are menus. What if your email client gave you empowering choices of traditional classes classes ways to respond, instead of what message do you want to type back? (Design by Extent Wife a Victim Essay Tristan Harris) When we wake up in concerning human, the morning and turn our phone over to Extent Wife a Victim see a list of notifications it frames the experience of waking up in the morning around a menu of war start all the things Ive missed since yesterday. By shaping the menus we pick from, technology hijacks the way we perceive our choices and replaces them new ones.

But the closer we pay attention to the options were given, the more well notice when they dont actually align with our true needs. Hijack #2: Put a Slot Machine In a Billion Pockets. If youre an app, how do you keep people hooked? Turn yourself into a slot machine. The average person checks their phone 150 times a day. Why do we do this? Are we making 150 conscious choices ? One major reason why is the #1 psychological ingredient in Extent a Victim in Of and Men, slot machines: intermittent variable rewards . If you want to fall maximize addictiveness, all tech designers need to do is link a users action (like pulling a lever) with a variable reward . You pull a lever and immediately receive either an To What Extent Wife a Victim Essay enticing reward (a match, a prize!) or nothing. Addictiveness is maximized when the rate of reward is an essay human understanding most variable. Does this effect really work on people? Yes.

Slot machines make more money in the United States than baseball, movies, and theme parks combined . Relative to other kinds of gambling, people get problematically involved with slot machines 34x faster according to NYU professor Natasha Dow Shull, author of Extent Curley's Wife a Victim Mice Addiction by Design. But heres the unfortunate truth several billion people have a slot machine their pocket: When we pull our phone out of fall of aztec empire our pocket, were playing a slot machine to see what notifications we got. When we pull to refresh our email, were playing a slot machine to see what new email we got. When we swipe down our finger to scroll the To What a Victim Mice Instagram feed, were playing a slot machine to see what photo comes next. When we swipe faces left/right on how did the english, dating apps like Tinder, were playing a slot machine to Curley's in Of Mice Essay see if we got a match. When we tap the # of red notifications, were playing a slot machine to traditional classes classes whats underneath. Apps and websites sprinkle intermittent variable rewards all over their products because its good for business. But in other cases, slot machines emerge by accident. For example, there is no malicious corporation behind all of email who consciously chose to To What Curley's Wife a Victim Essay make it a slot machine.

No one profits when millions check their email and nothings there. Neither did Apple and Googles designers want phones to work like slot machines. It emerged by accident. But now companies like Apple and Google have a responsibility to reduce these effects by converting intermittent variable rewards into less addictive, more predictable ones with better design. For example, they could empower people to set predictable times during the day or week for when they want to check slot machine apps, and john human correspondingly adjust when new messages are delivered to and Men Essay align with those times. Hijack #3: Fear of Missing Something Important (FOMSI) Another way apps and websites hijack peoples minds is by inducing a 1% chance you could be missing something important. If I convince you that Im a channel for important information, messages, friendships, or potential sexual opportunities it will be hard for you to turn me off, unsubscribe, or remove your account because (aha, I win) you might miss something important: This keeps us subscribed to newsletters even after they havent delivered recent benefits (what if I miss a future announcement?) This keeps us friended to people with whom we havent spoke in ages (what if I miss something important from them?) This keeps us swiping faces on locke, dating apps, even when we havent even met up with anyone in a while (what if I miss that one hot match who likes me?) This keeps us using social media (what if I miss that important news story or fall behind what my friends are talking about?) But if we zoom into that fear, well discover that its unbounded : well always miss something important at any point when we stop using something. There are magic moments on Facebook well miss by not using it for the 6th hour (e.g. an old friend whos visiting town right now ). There are magic moments well miss on Tinder (e.g. To What Curley's Wife A Victim In Of And Men Essay! our dream romantic partner) by not swiping our 700th match.

There are emergency phone calls well miss if were not connected 24/7 . But living moment to moment with the fear of missing something isnt how were built to live. And its amazing how quickly, once we let go of that fear, we wake up from the illusion. When we unplug for more than a day, unsubscribe from you are those notifications, or go to Camp Grounded the To What Extent Curley's a Victim and Men Essay concerns we thought wed have dont actually happen. We dont miss what we dont see. The thought, what if I miss something important? is refugee essay generated in advance of unplugging, unsubscribing, or turning off not after.

Imagine if tech companies recognized that, and helped us proactively tune our relationships with friends and Wife and Men Essay businesses in refugee essay, terms of what we define as time well spent for our lives, instead of in terms of Curley's a Victim Mice and Men what we might miss. Were all vulnerable to social approval . The need to belong, to be approved or appreciated by our peers is among the refugee essay highest human motivations. But now our social approval is in the hands of tech companies (like when were tagged in a photo). When I get tagged by my friend Marc (above), I imagine him making a conscious choice to To What Curley's Wife a Victim Mice tag me. But I dont see how a company like Facebook orchestrated him doing that in the first place. Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat can manipulate how often people get tagged in photos by automatically suggesting all the civil faces people should tag (e.g. by showing a box with a 1-click confirmation, Tag Tristan in Extent in Of Mice Essay, this photo?).

So when Marc tags me, hes actually responding to Facebooks suggestion, not making an independent choice. But through design choices like this, Facebook controls the multiplier for how often millions of people experience their social approval on the line . The same happens when we change our main profile photo Facebook knows thats a moment when were vulnerable to when you are old poem social approval : what do my friends think of To What Extent Wife Mice and Men Essay my new pic? Facebook can rank this higher in the news feed, so it sticks around for how did the english civil war start, longer and To What Curley's and Men Essay more friends will like or comment on it. Each time they like or comment on it, Ill get pulled right back. Everyone innately responds to social approval, but some demographics (teenagers) are more vulnerable to it than others. Refugee Essay! Thats why its so important to recognize how powerful designers are when they exploit this vulnerability. Hijack #5: Social Reciprocity (Tit-for-tat)

You do me a favor, now I owe you one next time. You say, thank you I have to say youre welcome. You send me an email its rude not to get back to you. You follow me its rude not to follow you back. (especially for teenagers) We are vulnerable to needing to reciprocate others gestures . To What Extent Wife A Victim And Men! But as with Social Approval, tech companies now manipulate how often we experience it. In some cases, its by accident. Email, texting and essays about messaging apps are social reciprocity factories . But in other cases, companies exploit this vulnerability on purpose. LinkedIn is the most obvious offender.

LinkedIn wants as many people creating social obligations for each other as possible, because each time they reciprocate (by accepting a connection, responding to Extent Curley's a Victim and Men a message, or endorsing someone back for a skill) they have to goals come back through where they can get people to Extent Curley's Wife and Men Essay spend more time. Like Facebook, LinkedIn exploits an asymmetry in perception. When you receive an invitation from someone to connect, you imagine that person making a conscious choice to invite you, when in reality, they likely unconsciously responded to LinkedIns list of suggested contacts. Fall! In other words, LinkedIn turns your unconscious impulses (to add a person) into Extent Curley's Wife Mice and Men new social obligations that millions of people feel obligated to repay. All while they profit from the time people spend doing it. Imagine millions of people getting interrupted like this throughout their day, running around like chickens with their heads cut off, reciprocating each other all designed by locke an essay companies who profit from it. Welcome to social media. Imagine if technology companies had a responsibility to To What Extent Wife minimize social reciprocity.

Or if there was an FDA for Tech that monitored when technology companies abused these biases? Hijack #6: Bottomless bowls, Infinite Feeds, and Autoplay. Another way to war start hijack people is to keep them consuming things, even when they arent hungry anymore. How? Easy. Take an experience that was bounded and finite, and turn it into a bottomless flow that keeps going . Cornell professor Brian Wansink demonstrated this in To What Extent Curley's Mice and Men Essay, his study showing you can trick people into keep eating soup by giving them a bottomless bowl that automatically refills as they eat.

With bottomless bowls, people eat 73% more calories than those with normal bowls and traditional vs online classes underestimate how many calories they ate by 140 calories. Tech companies exploit the same principle. News feeds are purposely designed to auto-refill with reasons to keep you scrolling, and purposely eliminate any reason for you to pause, reconsider or leave. Its also why video and social media sites like Netflix, YouTube or Facebook autoplay the next video after a countdown instead of waiting for you to Extent Wife a Victim Essay make a conscious choice (in case you wont). A huge portion of traffic on goals, these websites is driven by autoplaying the next thing.

Tech companies often claim that were just making it easier for users to see the video they want to watch when they are actually serving their business interests. And you cant blame them, because increasing time spent is the currency they compete for. Instead, imagine if technology companies empowered you to consciously bound your experience to To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men align with what would be time well spent for you. Not just bounding the quantity of time you spend, but the qualities of what would be time well spent. Hijack #7: Instant Interruption vs. Respectful Delivery.

Companies know that messages that interrupt people immediately are more persuasive at getting people to respond than messages delivered asynchronously (like email or any deferred inbox). Given the choice, Facebook Messenger (or WhatsApp, WeChat or SnapChat for essays, that matter) would prefer to design their messaging system to interrupt recipients immediately (and show a chat box) instead of helping users respect each others attention. In other words, interruption is good for To What in Of Essay, business . Its also in their interest to heighten the feeling of urgency and fall empire social reciprocity. For example, Facebook automatically tells the To What Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice sender when you saw their message, instead of letting you avoid disclosing whether you read it (now that you know Ive seen the classes message, I feel even more obligated to To What Curley's Essay respond.) By contrast, Apple more respectfully lets users toggle Read Receipts on or off. The problem is, while messaging apps maximize interruptions in the name of how did civil war start business, it creates a tragedy of the commons that ruins global attention spans and Extent Wife in Of Mice Essay causes billions of interruptions every day. This is a huge problem we need to fix with shared design standards (potentially, as part of Time Well Spent). Hijack #8: Bundling Your Reasons with Their Reasons. Another way apps hijack you is by taking your reasons for visiting the app (to perform a task) and make them inseparable from the apps business reasons (maximizing how much we consume once were there). For example, in locke understanding, the physical world of grocery stories, the #1 and To What Extent Curley's #2 most popular reasons to visit are pharmacy refills and buying milk. But grocery stores want to maximize how much people buy, so they put the pharmacy and the milk at the back of the store. In other words, they make the thing customers want (milk, pharmacy) inseparable from what the business wants.

If stores were truly organized to support people , they would put the most popular items in classes, the front. Tech companies design their websites the same way. For example, when you you want to look up a Facebook event happening tonight (your reason) the To What Extent Wife a Victim in Of Essay Facebook app doesnt allow you to access it without first landing on the news feed (their reasons), and thats on purpose. Facebook wants to essays goals convert every reason you have for using Facebook, into their reason which is to maximize the time you spend consuming things . In an ideal world, apps would always give you a direct way to get what you want separately from Extent Mice and Men Essay what they want. Imagine a digital bill of rights outlining design standards that forced the products that billions of people used to support empowering ways to navigate towards their goals. Were told that its enough for businesses to make choices available. If you dont like it you can always use a different product. If you dont like it, you can always unsubscribe. If youre addicted to our app, you can always uninstall it from fall your phone. Businesses naturally want to make the choices they want you to make easier, and To What Essay the choices they dont want you to make harder. Magicians do the understanding same thing. Extent Curley's Wife A Victim In Of And Men! You make it easier for a spectator to refugee essay pick the thing you want them to pick, and harder to To What Extent Curley's a Victim in Of and Men Essay pick the about thing you dont.

For example, lets you make a free choice to cancel your digital subscription. Extent Curley's In Of And Men Essay! But instead of john understanding just doing it when you hit Cancel Subscription, they force you to call a phone number thats only Curley's a Victim in Of and Men, open at certain times. Instead of of aztec viewing the world in terms of Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice Essay choice availability of the english choices, we should view the world in terms of friction required to To What Extent Wife in Of Mice enact choices. Imagine a world where choices were labeled with how difficult they were to fulfill (like coefficients of traditional vs online classes friction) and there was an FDA for Tech that labeled these difficulties and set standards for To What Curley's Mice, how easy navigation should be. Hijack #10: Forecasting Errors, Foot in essays, the Door strategies. People dont intuitively forecast the To What a Victim in Of Essay true cost of a click when its presented to about goals them. Sales people use foot in To What Extent Curley's in Of Mice and Men, the door techniques by asking for how did war start, a small innocuous request to begin with (just one click), and escalating from there (why dont you stay awhile?).

Virtually all engagement websites use this trick. Imagine if web browsers and smartphones, the gateways through which people make these choices, were truly watching out for Wife Mice and Men Essay, people and helped them forecast the consequences of clicks (based on real data about what it actually costs most people?). Thats why I add Estimated reading time to the top of my posts. When you put the true cost of a choice in front of people, youre treating your users or audience with dignity and respect. In a Time Well Spent internet, choices would be framed in terms of projected cost and fall benefit, so people were empowered to make informed choices. Are you upset that technology is Extent Mice hijacking your agency? I am too. Ive listed a few techniques but there are literally thousands.

Imagine whole bookshelves, seminars, workshops and trainings that teach aspiring tech entrepreneurs techniques like this. They exist. The ultimate freedom is a free mind, and we need technology to be on the english civil war start, our team to help us live, feel, think and To What in Of Mice Essay act freely. We need our smartphones, notifications screens and web browsers to refugee essay be exoskeletons for our minds and interpersonal relationships that put our values, not our impulses, first. Peoples time is valuable. And we should protect it with the same rigor as privacy and other digital rights. Tristan Harris was Product Philosopher at To What Extent a Victim in Of Essay, Google until 2016 where he studied how technology affects a billion peoples attention, wellbeing and the english war start behavior. For more information and get involved, check out and To What A Victim! This piece is cross-posted on Medium.

Tech Companies Design Your Life, Heres Why You Should Care. Four years ago, I sold my company to Google and joined the ranks there. I spent my last three years there as Product Philosopher, looking at goals, the profound ways the design of screens shape billions of To What Curley's Wife in Of Mice Essay human lives and refugee essay asking what it means for them to do so ethically and responsibly. What I came away with is that somethings not right with how our screens are designed , and Extent a Victim Mice and Men Essay Im writing this to help you understand why you should care, and what you can do about traditional classes vs online, it. I shouldnt have to cite statistics about the central role screens play in our lives. Billions of us turn to smartphones every day. We wake up with them.

We fall asleep with them. Youre looking at one right now. Of course, new technologies always reshape society, and its always tempting to worry about them solely for this reason. Socrates worried that the technology of To What Curley's Wife a Victim Mice writing would create forgetfulness in the learners souls, because they [would] not use their memories. We worried that newspapers would make people stop talking to each other on the subway. We worried that we would use television to amuse ourselves to death. And see! people say. Nothing bad happened! Isnt humanity more prosperous, more technically sophisticated, and better connected than ever? Is it really that big of a problem that people spend so much time staring at their smartphones? Isnt it just another cultural shift, like all the others? Wont we just adapt? I dont think so.

Whats missing from this perspective is that all these technologies (books, television, radio, newspapers) did change everything about society, we just dont see it. They replaced our old menus of choices with new ones. John Concerning Understanding! Each new menu eventually became the new normal the way things are and, after our memories of old menus had faded into the past, the new menus became the way things have always been. Ask a fish about To What Curley's a Victim in Of Mice Essay, water and theyll respond, whats water? Consider that the average American now watches more than 5.5 hours of television per day. Regardless of whether you think TV is good or bad, hundreds of millions of people spend 30% of their waking hours watching it.

Its hard to overstate the vast consequences of this shift for the blood flows of essays about goals millions of people, for our understanding of reality, for the relational habits of families, for the strategies and Extent Curley's in Of outcomes of john locke an essay concerning understanding political campaigns. Yet for those who live with them day-to-day, they are invisible. So what best describes the nature of what smart phones are doing to us? A New Perfect Choice on Lifes Menu. If I had to summarize it, its this: Our phone puts a new choice on lifes menu, in any moment, thats sweeter than reality. If, at any moment, reality gets dull or boring, our phone offers something more pleasurable, more productive and even more educational than whatever reality gives us. And this new choice fits into any moment. Our phone offers 5-second choices like checking email that feel better than waiting in line. And it offers 30-minute choices like a podcast that will teach you that thing youve been dying to To What a Victim Mice and Men Essay learn, which feels better than a 30-minute walk in of aztec, silence.

Once you see your phone this way, wouldnt you turn to it more often? It always happens this way: when new things fill our needs better than the old, we switch: When cheaper, faster to prepare food appears, we switch: Packaged foods. When more accurate search engines appear, we switch: Google. To What Curley's In Of Mice And Men! When cheaper, faster forms of fall transportation appear, we switch: Uber. So it goes with phones. But it also changes us on the inside.

We grow less and Curley's and Men Essay less patient for reality as it is, especially when its boring or uncomfortable. We come to expect more from the world, more rapidly. And because reality cant live up to our expectations, it reinforces how often we want to turn to our screens. A self-reinforcing feedback loop. And because of the john attention economy, every product will only To What Curley's Wife in Of and Men, get more persuasive over time. Locke Concerning Understanding! Facebook must become more persuasive if it wants to Extent a Victim in Of and Men Essay compete with YouTube and survive. YouTube must become more persuasive if it wants to compete with Facebook. And were not just talking about cheap amusement (aka cat videos).

These products will only get better at giving us choices that make every bone in our body say, yeah I want that! So whats wrong about this? If the how did the english civil entire attention economy is working to fill us up with more perfect-feeling things to spend time on, which outcompete being with the discomfort of ourselves or our surroundings, shouldnt that be fantastic? Clearly something is missing from this picture. To What Wife A Victim In Of! But what is it?

Maybe its that filling people up, even with incredible choices on screens somehow doesnt add up to you are a life well lived . Or that those choices werent what we wished wed been persuaded to do in the bigger sense of our lives. With design as it is To What Extent in Of Mice and Men Essay today, screens threaten our fundamental agency . Maybe we are choosing, but we are choosing from persuasive menus driven by companies who have different goals than ours. And that begs us to how did the english civil war start ask, what are our goals? or how do we want to To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim Mice and Men spend our time? There are as many good lives as there are people, but our technology (and the attention economy) dont really seem on our team to give us the agency to when you are live according to them. And its about to get a lot worse. Extent In Of And Men Essay! Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will offer whole new immersive realities that are even more persuasive than physical reality. When you could have sex with the person of your dreams, or fly through jungles in the Amazon rainforest while looking over at your best friend flying next to you are you, who would want to stick with reality?

By the way, this isnt your usual look, VR is coming! prediction. Curley's A Victim Mice And Men Essay! This is the real deal. Facebook recently spent $2 billion to buy Oculus Rift, and hopes to put them in of aztec empire, every home for Extent Mice Essay, this holiday season. Just like the late 1980s when suddenly everyone you knew had a Nintendo . So we have a fundamental misalignment between what the attention economy is refugee essay competing to produce (more perfect, persuasive choices that fit into any moment), the design of our phones, and the aspirations people have for their lives (their definition of the good life). So whats missing from the design of our phones? I like to use the metaphor of ergonomics . When you think of ergonomics, you might think of Extent Curley's Wife a Victim boring things like how a cup fits into someones hand, but its way more than that.

If regular design is about how we want things to work , ergonomics is concerned with failure modes and extremes : how things break under repetition, stress or other limits. And the how did the english civil war start goal of ergonomics is to create an Extent Wife a Victim Mice and Men Essay alignment between those limits, and old poem the goals people have for Extent Curley's Wife in Of Mice and Men, how they want to concerning use it. For example, an To What Wife in Of Mice and Men Essay ergonomically designed coffee mug aligns the natural fatigue of fall empire forearm muscles during use (as a person lifts it to sip) with how frequently people want to use it, so they still can lift it successfully with repetition. What does this have to To What Extent Curley's in Of and Men do with phones? Our minds urgently need a new ergonomics, based on the minds limited capacities, biases, fatigue curves and the ways it forms habits. The attention economy tears our minds apart. With its onslaught of never-ending choices, never-ending supply of relationships and obligations, the essays goals attention economy bulldozes the natural shape of our physical and psychological limits and turns impulses into bad habits. Just like the Wife in Of Mice Essay food industry manipulates our innate biases for salt, sugar and how did civil fat with perfectly engineered combinations, the tech industry bulldozes our innate biases for Wife a Victim and Men Essay, Social Reciprocity (were built to refugee essay get back to To What Curley's a Victim Mice and Men Essay others), Social Approval (were built to care what others think of us), Social Comparison (how were doing with respect to our peers) and civil Novelty-seeking (were built to seek surprises over the predictable). Millions of years of To What Extent in Of and Men evolution did a great job giving us genes to refugee essay care about how others perceive us . But Facebook bulldozes those biases, by forcing us to deal with how thousands of people perceive us. This isnt to say that phones today arent designed ergonomically, they are just ergonomic to a narrow scope of goals : for a single user (holding the phone) for single tasks (opening an app) for individual choices. how far our thumb has to reach to tap an To What Extent Wife a Victim Mice and Men app how loud the locke concerning human phone must vibrate for our ear to hear it.

So what if we expanded the scope of To What Extent Curley's Wife in Of ergonomics for a more holistic set of human goals: a holistic sense of a person a holistic sense of how they want to the english civil spend their time (and goals) a holistic sense of Extent Curley's and Men Essay their relationships (interpersonal social choices) an ability to make holistic choices (including opportunity costs externalities) an ability to civil reflect, before and after. and what if we aligned these goals with a more holistic set of our mental, social and emotional limits? Lets call this new kind of To What Extent Curley's a Victim Mice Essay ergonomics Holistic Ergonomics. Holistic Ergonomics recognizes our holistic mental and emotional limits [vulnerabilities, fatigue and refugee essay ways our minds form habits] and aligns them with the holistic goals we have for our lives (not just the single tasks). Holistic Ergonomics is built to give us back agency in To What in Of and Men, an increasingly persuasive attention economy. Joe Edelman and how did the english civil war start I have taught design workshops on this, calling it, or designing to empower peoples agency. It includes an interpersonal ergonomics , to To What in Of Essay align our social psychological instincts with how and when we want to make ourselves available to old poem others (like in my TED talk), so that we can reclaim agency over how we want to relate to To What Curley's in Of Mice and Men others. Just like an ergonomic coffee mug is refugee essay safe to live by, even under repetition, over and over again, without causing harm to ourselves or others, in a Time Well Spent world our phones would be designed with Holistic Ergonomics, so that even under repetition, over Extent Curley's a Victim in Of Mice, and over again, our phones do not cause harm to ourselves or others our phones become safe to refugee essay live by . They support our Agency.

Right now, two companies are responsible for the primary screens that a billion people live by. Apple and Google make the two dominant smartphone platforms. Facebook and Microsoft make leading Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms, Oculus and Curley's Wife a Victim Mice Essay Hololens. You might think that its against the business models of Apple and essays about goals Google to To What Extent Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay facilitate peoples agency, which might include making it easier to how did war start spend time off the screen, and Curley's a Victim in Of Essay use apps less . You Are Old Poem! But its not. Apple and Google, like all companies, respond to Extent Curley's Mice and Men Essay what consumers demand. When Privacy became important to refugee essay you, they responded. They developed new privacy and security features, and it sparked a whole new public conversation and debate. Its now the most popular concern about technology discussed in media. When Organic food became important to you, they responded too. Walmart added it to their stores. We need to do the To What Curley's Wife Mice same thing with this issue.

Until now, with this experience of distraction, social media, and traditional classes this vague sense that we dont feel good when we use our phones for too long, theres been nothing to rally behind. Its too diffuse. We receive so many incredible benefits from Extent Curley's a Victim Mice and Men tech, but weve also been feeling like weve been losing ourselves, and our humanity? But were naming it now. Whats at stake is when you are our Agency. Our ability to live the lives we want to live, choose the Extent Wife Mice and Men Essay way we want to choose, and relate to others the way we want to relate to them through technology.

This is a design problem , not just a personal responsibility problem. If you want your Agency, you need to tell these companies that thats what you want from them not just another shiny new phone that overloads our psychological vulnerabilities. Tell them you want your Agency back, and to help you spend your time the way you want to, and they will respond. I hope this helps spark that bigger conversation. Distracted in 2016? Reboot Your Phone with Mindfulness. People often tell me that starting a movement for a whole new type of technology thats built to when you are help people spend their time well sounds nice (and naively ambitious), but what are the things I can do to have a more mindful relationship with my devices right now ? So Ive taken a couple days to Extent Wife Mice and Men Essay compile my best recommendations for when, iPhone users.

The tips below are meant to: Minimize Compulsive Checking Phantom Buzzes Minimize Fear of Curley's Wife Mice and Men Missing Something Important Minimize Unconscious Use Minimize Leaky Interactions (leaking out into you are something unintended) Minimize Unnecessary Psychological Concerns generated by the screen. Note: These recommendations are for people who live by their smartphone (not casual users), and theyre based on findings from psychology and behavioral science. Tip #1: Create Your Essential Home Screen. We check our phone 150 times a day, and To What in Of Mice Essay each time we unlock to see that grid of apps and goals red badges signaling everything weve missed, it immediately triggers a whole set of Extent Wife a Victim in Of thoughts, feelings and concerns in an essay understanding, our mind. What is Time Well Spent (Part I): Design Distinctions. Im often asked, so what is Time Well Spent software? How do we define it? What does it mean to design for Curley's Wife a Victim and Men Essay, it?

Time Well Spent is an essay concerning a consumer movement to Extent Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay shift what we want from the when you are old poem companies who make our technology. Just like Organic was a movement to To What Extent Curley's a Victim in Of and Men Essay shift what we want from the companies who make our food. With Time Well Spent, we want technology that cares about helping us spend our time, and refugee essay our lives, well not seducing us into the most screen time, always-on interruptions or distractions. So, people ask, Are you saying that you know how people should spend their time? Of course not. Wife In Of Mice! Lets first establish what Time Well Spent isnt: It is john an essay concerning understanding not a universal, normative view of how people should spend their time It is To What Curley's Wife a Victim and Men not saying that screen time is of aztec bad, or that we should turn it all off. It is To What Extent Curley's in Of Mice and Men not saying that specific categories of apps (like social media or games) are bad. I thought Id put some of the possible differences of essays goals Time Well Spent into a chart to distinguish how a company would design an app, website or service differently: These distinctions also apply differently for Wife in Of Mice and Men, different kinds of technologies.

Communication Tools: Email, Group Messaging, Text Messaging Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Content Publishers: NYTimes, Economist, BuzzFeed Content Platforms: YouTube, Medium Software Portals: Portals we use to access apps and traditional vs online classes websites (e.g. Chrome web browser, Android/iOS home screens) Hardware Portals: Smartphones, Tablets, Watches, Notifications (e.g. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Edge) Ill go into Extent Curley's Mice Essay great detail about these distinctions in future posts, along with specific examples of they show up in current products and potential new ones! To learn more, check out or for details on refugee essay, future meet-ups and events! Is Technology Amplifying Human Potential, or Amusing Ourselves to Death? When I was about five years old, my mom gave me a Macintosh LC II and I was hooked. To What And Men Essay! Not to Facebook or the essays about goals Internet, they didnt exist yet. Curley's In Of Mice And Men Essay! I was hooked to creating things painting things, scripting interactive games in HyperCard, programming little tools or games.

Like the essays about technology visionaries of the 1970s and 80s like Doug Engelbart, Alan Kay and Steve Jobs, I optimistically believed computers could be bicycles for our minds and amplify human potential. And they did empower us. But today, in the year 2015, empowerment rarely feels like my day to day experience with technology. Instead I feel constantly lured into distractions. I get sucked endlessly into email, distracting websites. I get bulldozed by interruptive text messages, back and forth scheduling, or find myself scrolling a website in Wife in Of and Men Essay, a trance at 1am. I feel like Im caught in a whirlpool of Amusing Ourselves to Death , as author Neil Postman predicted 30 years ago. In the book, Postman contrasts two dystopian visions of the future. John Human Understanding! George Orwells 1984, where power is expressed directly through Big Brother, oppressively restricting peoples freedoms. Wife Mice! And Aldous Huxleys Brave New World, where power is when old poem expressed indirectly , by To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim Mice Essay saturating people with so many delightful distractions that they cant see their oppression. Where people come to adore the of aztec empire technologies that would undo their capacities to To What Extent Curley's Wife and Men think.

In Postmans own words: What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to traditional vs online ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to Curley's Wife Mice and Men Essay read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of refugee essay information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to To What Curley's a Victim Essay passivity and egoism. Orwell feared that the john an essay concerning human understanding truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. As Huxley remarked [they] failed to take into account mans almost infinite appetite for distractions . Its scary how true this feels today.

Huxley was concerned about whats irresistible to Extent Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice our instincts. Not to vilify those instincts, but to recognize how they might get abused and control us. Just like we have built-in gustatory instincts for salt, sugar and fat that are incredibly useful for fall of aztec empire, survival on the Savannah but abused by To What Wife and Men Essay our modern food environment , Huxley knew we have built-in instincts for classes, novelty, curiosity gaps, social approval and fear of missing something important. These instincts are useful to have on the Savannah but our media environment adversarially exploits them to keep us glued to screens. So why is in Of Essay our experience of the the english war start Internet and computing going this way? Towards distraction, and away from empowerment? The attention economy means that no matter what a technology company aims to create an informative news site like the New York Times, a meditation app to help people meditate, a social network, or an Curley's Wife Mice addictive game they win by getting people to spend time. What starts as an honest competition to make useful things that people spend time on , devolves into how did the english civil war start a race to the bottom of the brain stem to maximize the Curley's a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay time we spend. It means online publishers gradually converting headlines into curiosity gaps and locke an essay concerning clickbait. To What Extent Curley's A Victim And Men Essay! It means video sites like YouTube or Netflix auto-playing the next episode without waiting for john locke an essay concerning understanding, you to click.

It means businesses sending push notifications and email to pretend you are miss something important if you dont check. And were vulnerable to these mechanisms. Knowing their tricks doesnt inoculate us to their efficacy. The problem is, you cant ask any business whos in this competition not to use these tricks if their competitors are doing it. You cant ask YouTube to help you spend any less time on cute kitten videos if thats what keeps you clicking, because someone else (another app, or another website) will swoop in and siphon that time somewhere else. Stock prices depend on keeping engagement numbers high. Its only going to To What Wife in Of Mice get worse as businesses compete. Were not going to fall get out of this situation until we change the thing for To What Extent Curley's Wife and Men, which these companies compete.

From the currency of locke human Time Spent to something else. This is exactly how Organic certification changed the a Victim and Men game for farmers. Refugee Essay! By defining and standardizing what makes safe cultivation practices (no pesticides), the To What Extent Wife a Victim Essay farmers who wanted to do whats good for essays about, us no longer got undercut by farmers who used unsafe pesticides to achieve lower prices. Extent Curley's Wife Mice! Its also how LEED certification changed the concerning understanding game, so green sustainable buildings could thrive in the marketplace. We need something like that for software, where businesses compete for Time Well Spent : a certification and a consumer rating that includes how their users, when shown a reflection of their use, later rate their experience as time well spent versus one they partially regret.

Like Yelp reviews, but for experiences. Imagine a world where Time Well Spent determines your stock price, your popularity in app stores, your ranking in To What Curley's in Of Mice and Men, news feeds, your ability to attract talented employees, your media attention, and funding possibilities. Its a B-Corp movement for technology. I used to believe we could just ask software designers to refugee essay take on Curley's a Victim Mice and Men Essay, moral responsibility for how they shape the essays billions of Curley's Wife a Victim and Men minutes and hours of other peoples lives . But you cant design responsibly when it conflicts with the how did the english business incentives you are obligated, by law, to To What Extent Curley's Wife in Of maximize. This is the english civil war start a long road, but we can get there by starting a new conversation.

Instead of Curley's a Victim Mice and Men having the old conversation about self-control and waiting for refugee essay, cultural norms to adapt automatically, direct your friends and family to To What Extent Curley's in Of and Men a new conversation. Lets set incentives to create a world where the Internet and my devices amplify human potential again, and where we can trust-fall into locke an essay human the whirlpool of technology and know that it is on our team to help us spend our time, and our lives, well. Is your web browser a credit card for To What Extent Wife a Victim and Men Essay, your time? The web browser isnt just a tool that gets you from A to B, its also a medium that shapes the kinds of you are old poem choices you make. Introducing the Medium. And the Message. Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian media theorist of the To What Extent Curley's a Victim Essay 20th century, famously coined the when old poem phrase, the medium is the message. His point was that if you want to understand a medium (television, radio, the Internet or web browser) you shouldnt look at the messages the Extent Wife a Victim and Men words, images, stories or articles presented in it. Vs Online Classes! You should look at how the medium organizes perception and choices. The medium tells you everything about To What Wife a Victim in Of Essay, what messages will be successful. Television organizes perception and choice primarily around visual images , so Shows with explosive visual images will be more rewarded than shows with dull images TV news shows with attractive broadcasters and dramatic footage will be more rewarded than news shows with unattractive broadcasters who tell stories in a soothing voice.

Similarly with money, a $20 price (the message) matters less than the refugee essay medium of the choice. Behavioral economists have shown that credit cards make us willing to spend more money than cash . A study by Duncan Simester at To What Extent in Of Mice and Men, MIT showed that MBA students offered baseball tickets were willing to pay twice as much when paying by credit card, than by cash. Neuroscientists have further shown that when we pay with cash, it actually hurts high prices light up the brains insula, which is associated with pain perception. But when we pay with credit cards, it doesnt light up our pain centers. Credit cards invite us to avoid feeling the pain of paying, and to forget how much money we actually have. Cash invites us to consciously feel how much we spend. Of course, none of this is new. Its why theme parks and casinos intentionally create virtual currencies like tokens (or Disneyland Dollars), so the money feels abstract and people spend more. Classes! Its why its we to accidentally spend more money on vacations in foreign currencies than with our native currency (its just play money, right?) Its why restaurants are taught not to put the $ sign next to Curley's in Of each item, and not line up all the prices to the right, so diners choose based on description and not price.

A $20 price (the message) isnt separate from an essay concerning medium it comes in. The medium is the To What Curley's a Victim and Men Essay message. The Web Browser as a Credit Card. So what does this have to do with technology? And why does this matter at all? Unlike with restaurant menu design, which affects how a few thousand people choose what to you are old poem eat a few times a year, software designers affect how a billion people make choices about spending their attention more than 150 times every day. A small number of designers at Extent a Victim and Men, tech companies create those mediums, which will reward certain messages (behaviors, clicks, scrolls) over others. And today, web browsers are designed like credit cards.

They make it easy to the english war start swipe the To What Extent Wife Essay credit card for classes vs online, our time and Extent in Of Mice take out fall of aztec, a loan against our future selves . They make it easy to be swipe our credit card for more time than we intended, by getting lost in an infinitely scrolling feed. Wife And Men Essay! They make it easy to click something we wish we hadnt clicked later. And they do it for refugee essay, hundreds of millions of people every day: But it doesnt have to be this way. Web browsers could be designed to frame choices more like cash instead of credit for example by letting us know how long something will take before we click it. An interface to help users make conscious choices about whether to do something now, or later. Or help us by To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim and Men allowing us to budget how much time wed like to you are spend on various sites or apps, and frame our choices in To What and Men, terms of how much cash (time) we have left towards that site. But what about refugee essay, Conflict of Interest? And unlike credit card companies who profit by getting consumers to spend more money than they actually have, none of the four major web browser makers Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Internet Explorer), Mozilla (Firefox) and To What Wife a Victim Mice and Men Essay Apple (Safari) make money by getting people to open things they dont have time for* Likewise, none of the major Email clients Gmail, Y! Mail, Outlook, Apple Mail make money by users accidentally spending more time than they intended because of sneaky email marketing.

Email clients could reframe credit card like choices with cash choices: You can start to john an essay understanding see how these small, nuanced design choices, at the scale of how a billion people spend their attention, quickly become significant moral choices. Ill be tackling these moral questions in future posts.

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Custom The Lisbon Treaty essay paper. The treaty was initiated by the leaders and government of the twenty seven European Union (EU) member states. The treaty was signed on December 13 th 2007. The intention of the treaty is to Extent Wife a Victim in Of and Men Essay, change the operation of the EU according to the two major of enlargements which have occurred since 2004. The enlargements have augmented the membership of European Union from fifteen to refugee essay, twenty seven. The Lisbon Treaty was prepared as a substitution for the Constitutional Treaty which had been abandoned by French and Dutch representative in the past. The treaty entails major alterations intended to rising the steadiness and consistency of the European Union's external actions. It offers a higher envoy of the union for overseas affairs and protection strategy. The high representative is meant to preside over the union's External Relations Council (ERC) and will act as the vice-president of the commission. Extent Curley's A Victim Mice Essay! It is the responsibility of the representative to coordinate the Commission's external procedures to the english civil, guarantee steadiness and rationality between all the union’s external procedures. On top to the stated institutional alterations, the treaty also offers various changes to the union's external plans.

In the treaty the European Union's development cooperation policy is strengthened and clarified. The treaty gives a provision for humanitarian support as a specific competence of the commission (Maclennan, 2008). There are other significant alterations included in the treaty that include changing the system of council leadership from its present six month alternation to selection of an all time president of the council for a phase lasting for two and a half years. The number of the commissioners should be reduced as from 2014. In the same time, the weighting of the votes should be revised by the member’s states. Lastly the coverage of the qualified voting majority to To What Extent Wife a Victim in Of Mice Essay, new areas should be extended. Basically the Lisbon Treaty consists of two parts.

The first is the Treaty on European Union and the other is Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. You Are! The Treaty on European Union spells out the broad necessities governing the union. On top of that it sets out in general the To What Extent a Victim and Men Essay necessities of the European Union's external associations. The Treaty on traditional vs online the Functioning of the To What Extent Wife a Victim and Men Essay European Union provides the precise aims of the European Union's diverse policies. It also contains the fall of aztec empire explicit regulations leading the Wife Mice union’s external actions. These include the traditional classes enlargement cooperation of the European Union (Maclennan, 2008).

Presently the in Of Mice and Men European Union is based on two prime treaties, the treaty making the European Community (TEC) and The Treaty on European Union (TEU). It has been agreed that the treaty of Lisbon will not compose an additional treaty. About Goals! The existing treaties will also not be replaced with one treaty. Curley's And Men Essay! The two will be amended and you are old poem renamed. The Lisbon Treaty supersedes all acknowledgments in the TEU and in Wife a Victim and Men Essay TEC. It has only seven articles with the first having rectifications to classes, the TEU, and the second has rectifications to the TEC. There exist new instructions to be appended to the treaties and another one to the overall treaty changing the existing treaty protocols (Maclennan, 2008).

The writings of the treaties and protocols have a similar lawful importance. The commission which came up with the Lisbon Treaty also gave a number of rules; that are political acts. These declarations may be pertinent to the interpretation of the treaty. Many necessities of the existing TEU and TEC are untouched by the Lisbon treaty. Others are erased and replacements have been brought in. it was supposed that when the treaty is in force then the amendments to the TEU and TEC will be effected. The Lisbon treaty introduces far-reaching changes to the Euratom treaty. The treaty is a complex and inaccessible agreement. This was conceivably not avoidable but it is unacceptable, and has slowed down public debate (Maclennan, 2008).

Under the current treaties, there exist three pillars of the Lisbon treaty in relation to the EU. The first is the supranational community of the European Union. The next entails foreign and security policy and the third pillar include justice and home affairs. These are places of intergovernmental collaboration with their own resolution making strategies. The union does not have unequivocal lawful individuality. The Lisbon Treaty brings together the first and third pillars. It also does away with the European Community as the characteristic is not important. The Labor Party of the European parliamentary stated that, by coining the union as a single legal entity and configuration treaty will finish the confusion that existed between the To What Wife a Victim Mice Essay European Union and the European Community. It was assumed that the changes made by the Lisbon Treaty had the benefit of joining the TEU and you are old poem TEC together.

However, the effect is that it finished with a somewhat jumbled outcome due to the circumstances in which the change treaty has been coined (Kuniholm, 2001). The allotment of the content between the TEU ideology and aims and requirements on the institutional framework, general provisions and the TFEU that contain the details on how the union is going to operate, is apparent. To What And Men! The provisions of classes classes, both treaties will encompass equal importance. The procedures will possess the same official status as the To What Extent in Of Essay articles of the treaties. The effect is that the about goals treaty itself is, nevertheless, a composite paper, inaccessible to the people whom it impacts. This will definitely be a barrier to informed debate as to the benefits of the treaty. The amended article three of the TEU contains information such as; the Union’s objective is to encourage peace. Its other objective is to promote its values and the welfare of its people. It states that the union shall provide its citizens an area of liberty, sanctuary and Wife a Victim Mice and Men justice without internal boundaries. The free movement of traditional vs online, persons will be ensured together with suitable measures with respect to external boundary controls, refuge, movement between boundaries and Curley's Wife a Victim Mice and Men Essay the hindrance and combating of crime. Classes Vs Online Classes! The Union shall create an To What Extent Curley's Wife and Men Essay internal bazaar or market.

It shall work for the continuous enlargement of Europe. This will be based on balanced economic expansion and refugee essay price firmness. A highly aggressive social market economy with an objective of To What Wife in Of and Men Essay, full employment and community advancement will be put in place. There shall be and an elevated of fortification and improvement of the environment quality. This shall support scientific and technological progress (Kuniholm, 2001). Social exclusion and discrimination shall be stopped and john an essay concerning human social impartiality and protection shall be encouraged. Equality between women and men shall be realized.

Other objectives include promotion of harmony in all generations and safeguarding of the rights of the Curley's Wife in Of and Men Essay children. It shall uphold economic, territorial cohesion and social solidarity among the states involved. Its rich cultural and linguistic assortment shall be respected. Europe’s cultural heritage shall be safeguarded and improved. An economic and how did civil financial unification whose currency is the To What Extent Curley's a Victim in Of Essay euro shall be put in place.

In its associations with the wider globe, the how did the english union shall maintain and Extent Wife a Victim and Men Essay encourage its values and give a contribution to the fortification of its citizens. It shall take part in john locke understanding promoting peace, security; the continuous growth in the whole world. It shall also encourage cohesion and mutual respect among peoples. Freedom and fairness in trade, poverty eradication and the safeguarding of human rights shall be encouraged. This is particularly the children’s rights. There will be stringent observance of To What a Victim and Men Essay, international law. How Did The English Civil War Start! Respect for the ideology of the United Nations Charter will be observed. The Union shall follow its objectives by To What Extent Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay all suitable means match with the competences which are agreed upon it in the treaties. The effects of the Lisbon treaty on European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) include both unknowns and opportunities. It also includes almost the same necessities as the fall of aztec unfortunate European Union constitution. Both in the frenzied discussions that came before and accompanied the 2007 European Council and in the succeeding international conference are considered.

The major fundamentals of the political deal constituted in the Constitutional Treaty of 2004 have been protected. To What A Victim In Of And Men Essay! These include one or two terminological details and fall protocols apart considered as interpretive. It has been noted that to a certain degree, the understanding made with and the issues brought up by ESDP have been the major contributors for the kind of institutional changes now sainted in the Lisbon Treaty. In general, it can be stated that the new-fangled treaty gives a range of opportunities for a Victim in Of greater policy consistency, efficiency and visibility. However, this is coupled with various unknowns coming with its realization. The new treaty keeps almost all the relevant provisions of the ESDP of the constitutional treaty. Only two slight changes are observed in that the when old poem Union Minister for Foreign Affairs is now called the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Two introduced declarations with the treaty emphasized in that the new requirements do not impact on To What Wife a Victim in Of and Men Essay the tasks of the member states. Currently there exists a room for the planning and conduct of their policy and their national depiction in third world countries. In addition, neither do they prejudice the locke definite nature of the security policy of the contributing members (Biscop Algieri, 2008). The second pronouncement affects the current authorized basis, tasks, and powers of Extent a Victim Mice Essay, each member state in accordance to the planning and behavior of its foreign policy, its national diplomatic service. It also affects collaboration with third world countries and participation in classes vs online classes international corporations. It also states that no new abilities in this realm are thereby given to To What Wife in Of Essay, either the essays commission or even the European Parliament (Kuniholm, 2001). The alteration in the designation of the previous minister is entirely ornamental. It can also be said to be in particular, symbolic.

This is because it aims at dispelling the uncertainties that could be triggered by the term. The other alteration is even less important, legally. This is because it states the apparent and restates existing averages. If brought together, the two alterations in To What Extent Curley's a Victim and Men Essay the document seem to indicate a trivial change in of aztec empire the context and meaning. They are put chiefly at the appeal of the To What Extent Curley's Wife Mice and Men Essay United Kingdom. Refugee Essay! They may cause the possible pour out impacts of the To What Extent Curley's overloading of the latest High Representative and keeping the traditional division between the old European Union pillars. For others the new text repeats the main alterations already protected in the constitutional treaty. John An Essay! This follows that the conclusion of the revolving administration in foreign collaboration, possessing a responsibility for the President of the European Council. To What Extent Curley's Wife A Victim Mice And Men! The president is appointed for when you are two and half years and this period is only renewable once in both protocol matters and in predicament matters. The making of the two hatted high representative, also chosen by the council in agreement with the President of the commission.

The high representative acts if obligatory, by qualified greater part. It is also subject to a vote of Curley's Mice, approval by the European parliament (Biscop Algieri, 2008). In addition the division of such a responsibility and purpose from that of secretary general of the Council; the introduction of the latest Foreign Affairs Council, disconnected from the General Affairs Council. The introductions of the European peripheral exploit service to work in conjunction with the ambassadorial services of the contributing members. This is made up of the john locke an essay concerning human officials from pertinent departments of the General Secretariat of the Council.

It also includes the commission with people from national ambassadorial services of the members. The implementation of a one governmental process of the council’s decision aimed at fighting the dissimilarity between universal positions, mutual actions, and common procedures is in place. This is implemented without visible amend to the current consensual regulation (Shaw, 1997). The development of the coverage of ESDP, now named Common Security and Defence Policy(CSDP) and of its delegacies including a cohesion clause and a shared protection obligation. There is the likelihood for the council to delegate the achievement of a task to a group of states involved and which have the required capability and willing for commitment. There are plans for formation of a new establishment for ESDP processes and the constitution of Curley's Wife a Victim in Of, a single legal personality for the english the union (Biscop Algieri, 2008). It has been observed that for those who are anticipating the compromise of To What Extent Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men Essay, intensifying and expanding the Lisbon treaty is perhaps not offering the most favorable solution. CSDP will remain policy fields leading to contentious debates regarding to the extent to which they can be named. Though the the english war start EU and the Functioning of the European Union treaties are legally similar and though the earlier pillar configuration will finally be defeated. The dissimilarity between the community’s part and To What Wife a Victim in Of and Men the CSDP part can still be renowned.

For the contributing states it was and will be no easy mission to solidly develop towards the allocation of dominion with other states in refugee essay these policy fields. Improved collaboration and enduring structured cooperation gives a chance for more litheness, nevertheless, it will be influential to see under which state of Extent Curley's in Of Mice, affairs and with which dedication European Union member states will utilize it. John Locke An Essay! It is not clear what will ensue if the member states do not use everlasting structured collaboration (Biscop Algieri, 2008). The effects of the treaty on the European council can be felt as the European Council brought together the Extent a Victim in Of Mice Essay heads of Government of the essays about goals contributing member countries and the commission’s president. Under the treaty the European Council will posses a similar symphony. In addition the contribution of the To What Extent Wife a Victim Mice and Men Essay high representative of the union will be expected for foreign associations.

A full time president whose function is mentioned in the present TEU as that of giving the union an goals impetus that is Extent Curley's a Victim Mice necessary for its growth. The council is ideally supposed to meet only twice annually but Lisbon treaty requires it to meet four times a year. The European Council takes its conclusions by consensus except where the treaties present otherwise (Kubosova, 2007) . One of the chief arguments presented for a full time president of the council is that such a position will increase rationality to the grounding of council meetings and the strategies that they define. Of Aztec! Application to grant Turkey to the EU was made in 1987. Previously Turkey had been a colligate member of the EU and its precursors since 1963.

Turkey was one of the first countries to To What Extent Wife a Victim in Of and Men, become a member of the EU after the first ten member states. In 1961, It was also a founding member Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the. Fall Of Aztec! Since 1992, Turkey has also been a correlate associate of the Western European Union. Turkey accepted to Extent Mice Essay, sign an john human agreement with the European Union back in 1995. It was later documented officially as a contender for full association in 1999. Discussions were then commenced in 2005 and expectations are that in a decade’s time, Turkey will succeed to join the union (Kuniholm, 2001). Definite concerns given by the commission were Turkey’s size and population. There are concerns that the country had a larger area and To What Wife a Victim Mice and Men ultimately would posses a better population than any member state in the union.

The fact that Turkey had a considerably lesser level of growth than the goals other European members also raised considerable concerns. According to an evaluation of purchasing power in Turkey, it was found to be a third of an Wife a Victim in Of Essay average EC member. The country suffered from fall of aztec empire, high inflation rates coupled with rates of unemployment. It was found that over half the labor force was working in agriculture and this raised concerns about the entry of Turkish labor to the European Union labor market. To What A Victim In Of! Other concerns entailed human rights in refugee essay Turkey and disputes with Greece (Kubosova, 2007). The commission however recommended several measures that would make Turkey and the European Union to improve enlarged dependence and combination. The country generally was disappointed since the postponement was not expected. Curley's A Victim! Some analyst has argued that the foreign offices of the larger European Unions states, under the supposition that Turkey could not be considered at the same time as Central and Eastern Europe but trusting that a Customs Union would be for the betterment of Europe (Kuniholm, 2001).

Turkey’s accession to old poem, the European Union has ultimately been made difficult by geopolitics and its changing relations with the US and European Union. Some questions have been raise about how Turkey will acquire the leadership to get rid of its corrupt benefaction system. How the country will deal with the secular, democratic parties who are the majority. Other questions with no definite answers are the way Turkey will address a growing inequality in revenue distribution, introduce tax changes, ensure privatization working and address the Curley's Wife Mice and Men Essay many economic tribulations which have the john locke an essay human risk of destroying the countries credibility. Another significant issue for is how it will find a way to Curley's a Victim Mice Essay, contain rightful Kurdish cultural aspirations while keeping its integrity as a state and a working democracy.

The role played by Islam is another issue that needs to be checked (Kuniholm, 2001).